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  1. karlicus
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi guys,

    I have created a wordpress website (WP 3.8) for an organisation and it's my first one. I am a little bit disappointed as I cannot access it online because of cookies that apparently I have to activate ALTHOUGH they are activated. The theme I am using is the Skeleton theme.

    >>> I have alreay looked through other similar posts and already tried to rename the plugin-folder into "pluginXXX" in order to deactivate plugins --> but still: I can't access the admin-dashboard.

    >>> On my server I just created another seperate wordpress-website with the default theme in order to test if the login works if I start a blank project: and it works totally fine! Also, it works totally fine when I include a fresh new Skeleton theme folder. I can access the admin area.

    - What can be the reason that I cannot login to my organisation wordpress website?
    - What further steps could I do?
    - Can I somehow deactivate the cookies requirement in the wp-settings.php-file?

    Best regards,


  2. harmonyinfotech
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Are you getting any error messages when trying to login to your site. Did you changed site url settings or moved the site from a temp location to current location.

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