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  • You’re using Version 3.4.1 – Try logging in manually from here:

    Input your username and password manually, and see if that does the trick. Perhaps the login data stored in the browser has become corrupted in some way.

    Just tried it. It brings up the same login page that my Apple computer provides for me on bookmarks. I removed the username and password, then re-typed it. Fail. The screen shakes back and forth.

    You will need to reset your password by clicking on the forgot password link.

    Passwords just don’t change by themselves. Either you are typing the wrong password / username combination or somebody changed the password.

    Unless somebody hacked my site, I’m not sure what happened. The username is now “admin”, and it was not before. I did change the password, and it is now working. I really appreciate your help and replies. Like I said before, my Apple remembers all my passwords and types them for me. In the past my website has logged me out, and it was no big deal logging back in. Also, I have 4 passwords that I use regularly, and it would not take any of them. I tried several times. Weird?! I also went into my “history” and found where I logged in earlier today with the old username and old password. It shows how long I was logged on before I left the site and went to something else. How strange that the username and password changed “all by itself”. Oh well, back to fish reports!

    Glad you were able to get back in.

    As a precaution go to the Users -> All Users menu in your dashboard and see if there is more than one user registered. It is possible that the admin user was set when WordPress was originally installed and the user account you normally use was added later.

    Okay, just did that and saw that I had 5 other users, including one added just a few minutes ago. I am listed as the admin, and it shows my original username (not admin). I deleted the other users besides myself. (Not sure if I should have done that or not, but I did not know any of them personally and I do know a lot of the people that view the site). Any chance that any of those other registered users could have changed my username and password?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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