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  • Ok, I’m completely new to WordPress. I’m trying out the latest version – 1.0.1 I believe – and I simply can’t login as admin.
    I’ve edited the wp-config.php file and the install seems to have gone smoothly. I keep thinking that perhaps I’ve entered the local URL wrong. The install sits in C:/Foxserv/www/wordpress and so during the install I entered the URL as C:/Foxserv/www/wordpress/
    I’ve also tried the latest nightly build but alas, no luck. I can’t even seem to find a slighter older version of WordPress to try. I’ve looked over the newer entires on this forum for the solution but nothing there seems to fix the problem.
    Please, someone, put me out of my misery! Many thanks in advance.

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  • Try dropping the trailing slash in the URL.

    No luck, I’m afraid. Funny enough, I can visit the blog but I just can’t login as admin. The page looks for a moment as if its about to enter an admin screen but simply refreshes the login screen. Seriously frustrating, especially since WordPress looks like a great bit of software.

    Check the password in the database to make sure you’re using the right password.

    If you’re running a nightly you have to run upgrade.php to be able to login.

    I’ve tried running the upgrade.php but it still won’t let me in. Is there somewhere I can get ahold of some older builds of WordPress, perhaps to see if there’s something fundamentally wrong with my setup?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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