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Can’t login after new install

  • Hi

    I’ve just installed 2 WordPress blogs on my two domains, the one on pornblogs.dk works just fine, but with the other one on justanotherpornblog.dk, this is not working..

    When i try to login i just the login screen again, but with this URL


    Hope it makes sense to you guys, it sure doesn’t to me 🙁

    Best Regards
    Carsten, Denmark

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  • Hi again

    I forgot something, and i don’t know why, but i can’t edit my post anymore…

    I have tryed to delete WordPress, delete/create new database and also tryed replacing wp-login.php with the one from the zip file, but nothing helps 🙁

    Best Regards
    Carsten, Denmark

    Well, i give up, now it’s working, and i have don nothing, nothing at all :O

    I forgot that i have tryed creating the database on another server, but that didn’t help either

    But the wierdest thing is, it’s working now, and haven’t don nothing at all

    Hope it stays working

    Best Regards
    Carsten, Denmark

    PS: If you think this thread just takes up space, then pleace delete it 🙂

    Yep, it stayed that way, but now the first site doesn’t work, now it does the same as the 2. site did before, just keeps asking me to login…


    It’s wird, i use two different database, and they are even on different servers, with different logins, two different domains, dir’s and logins

    Now i really need help

    Best Regards
    Carsten, Denmark

    Isen’t there anyone who can guide me in a direction to solve my problem…??

    Best Regards
    Carsten, Denmark

    Have you installed it in the wrong directory?

    *also, try not to bump your post too quickly – it takes it off the “no-replies” list and makes it harder for people to find your post*



    Hi Fi

    Thanks for the answer

    It’s in the document-root, or main dir if you like, and there’s nothing else in it, so in that way there should be no problems..

    And thanks for th advise, have never seen a forum like this, and don’t know how it works, so thanks 🙂

    Best regards
    Carsten, Denmark

    similar prob..

    Discovered that the problem will reappear if I muck round with kubrickfsb.
    Solution: changed to std kubrick and all’s well -but not widget enabled.
    Has anyone checked compatibility between 2.0 and kubrickfsb?
    By the way..How do u check for version of your wp blog?
    I may be on 2.0.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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