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  • It’s probably a missmatch in settings.

    Undo Multisite.

    Before you add it back in, go to Settings > General Settings.

    Change both your home and site URLs to be (no www, there’s a reason, it can often cause the problem you’re seeing).

    Now try Multisite again.


    Received this URL (same as before but without the www.):

    Also, when I undid the configure.php and .htaccess codes, changed the URLs, and redid the first step for allowing multsite as true, the Network Settings page had that same red Warning: “warning: an existing wordpress network was detected.” So I had to go back into the wp-db file and delete the same stuff I did before so the red warning would go away. Am I doing that correctly?

    Yes, you did that correctly 🙂 loads as expected… if really slow. also loads, correctly redirecting to

    Are you only getting the error after logging in?

    I can’t re-login once I install multisite.

    The site loaded faster when it was at the www. URL

    The site loaded faster when it was at the www. URL

    Unlikely (seriously, unless your server’s screwed up, there’s no difference).

    I can’t re-login once I install multisite.

    I need a little more clarification 🙂

    I can get to the pages. So I’m assuming you mean “When I try to log in, it gives me that error after I click ‘log in’ instead of taking me to wp-admin.”

    Is that right?

    First, thanks for your willingness to help me. haha

    “I need a little more clarification 🙂
    I can get to the pages.”

    You can only get to the pages because when the relogin doesn’t work, I delete/uninstall Multisite from configure.php and .htaccess to revert back to normal. Then I reactivate all the plugins and I’m back to the way it was.

    More clarification: So, after I install multisite (which appears to work given that the red warning shows up when I try again), I click the button to re-login (since that is required according to the instructions from the network settings page (which I did not refresh but just left open while I did the code changing).
    So once I click to relogin it sends me to that signup page. However, there is nothing there. My browser tells me it is a page that will never load.

    Would you like me to install multisite so you can see how the site is completely down (since I deactivate my plugins, because I use buddypress as my theme)?

    Ah, okay, that helps.

    Do you know how to edit your database?

    I’m thinking we should look at wp_sites and wp_sitemeta to see how your site URL is saved there.

    So, I’m not exactly sure where the database is located. When I was doing research on these forums I just started searching through my public_html file in bluehost. I came across the wp-db file in wp-includes. I saw in wp-db the names that Andrea Rennick suggested (to some other user) in another thread to delete. So I went through and deleted that long list of code in my first comment here.

    Maybe I’m in the wrong place for the database?

    Short answer: No, I don’t know how to edit the database. haha

    On Bluehost or any other cPanel host, you can use phpMyAdmin. You click the icon and then select the database on the left. Then the database tables appear and you can select which one to look at. However, don’t go changing things unless you absolutely know what you’re doing, as this can cause larger issues than you want/need. This might help: I just found it on a quick google search, which you might do to find out more about phpmyadmin. Good luck!

    . I came across the wp-db file in wp-includes. I saw in wp-db the names that Andrea Rennick suggested (to some other user) in another thread to delete.

    Yeah that was the wrong way to delete them 🙂

    You probably never fully deleted it. Go in via phpMyAdmin and delete the tables Andrea mentioned. Then reinstall WP cause editing anything in your WP install is a bad idea 😉

    Okay, so I deleted the database through the phpMyAdmin feature.

    I tried redoing everything and the same problem came up.

    This URL is from the devil:

    It says, “The page isn’t redirecting properly
    Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    Again, to my knowledge, I don’t have any websites redirecting here.

    So, why is it that is redirecting to that other URL?

    Mika, how would I do a reinstall of WP? (Sorry, I’m very beginngerish.)

    Now this is interesting:

    When I change
    define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, true );
    define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, false );

    (which is what I want to ultimately do)

    it reads, “Error establishing database connection.”

    I don’t know if that means anything.

    Mika, in phpMyAdmin, it seems I have two databases. Is that standard?


    Or is that perhaps because I previously installed multisite as subdirectories and hence, why I received this non-highlighted comment: “Because your install is not new, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-domains. The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.” ?

    If I had to make a guess, it looks like #2 is a bunch of plugin stuff.

    Also, #1 was where the tables were that Andrea suggested to delete (and I deleted them and haven’t had the red warning pop back up).

    Thanks for your help, guys!

    small UPDATE: I found how to reinstall WordPress from Bluehosts’s C-panel. However, I want to be sure I won’t lose any of my content. I’ve already got 30 people signed up for buddypress on my site and I’d hate to have to redo all the content I put up. Any way to reinstall without losing the content and users?

    Do not. Use. Bluehost’s. Tool.

    (Nothing against bluehost, but you’re running multisite, you need to roll up your sleeves and get into the files).


    You should only have one database. Go into your wp-config.php, and figure out which one you’re actually using.

    If #1 is where you deleted the tables, then that’s probably the one you’re using.

    Get yourself back to square one, where all you have is a single install, okay? Are we there?

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