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  • Hi all,

    I’ve tried to install wp2.6 multi on a w2003 server with IIS6, php 5.2.6 in CGI mode, and mysql 5.

    After the installation process I’ve tried to login width the account admin and the password provided.

    I cant succeed login and there is no error message.

    I ve tried to solve this problem whith

    I’ve edited the user table with a new password previously md5 hashed and try to login with the new password. No success

    When I go back to users table I can see that the field, I’ve just edited and saved, has been changed with the first value.

    What am I doing wrong ?


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  • I have a similar problem, after installing wp 2.6 I could not login as admin, I tried to reset the pasword, got a new one, but when entering it in the log-in screen nothing happens I just get the message
    “Please login aigain”, like password is OK, but I can not go to the dashboard???

    I have the exact same problem. The install went fine, the website is up and running, but WordPress keeps telling me to “Please log in again” so I tried the password reset but I still get the same thing. When I view the website the “log in” button shows up as “Site Admin” like I am logged in already.

    What’s going on here?

    updated problem:
    The email they sent me for the new password gives me a new password for the account that isn’t the admin account. When I try enter that information in WordPress it tells me I’m using the wrong username, but when I use my admin account it tells me I’m using the wrong password. I tried mixing and matching the usernames and passwords but I get either of those two responses.

    Any ideas?

    This upgrade SUCKS…. same problem upgrade 2nd website.. going back to 2.5.1

    My problem is solved! After a day (less then 24h) it fixed itself. Seams to be some issue with DNS.

    Same problem for me.

    I’ve installed it on a localhost. Does it matter ?

    Exact same problem.

    I’ll try waiting 24hrs to see if the problem fixes itself. What did everyone else do? Did you go back to 2.5.1?

    Sorry, WordPress, but I just gave up. My blog can’t wait 24 hours for my admin to work. So I’ve peeled back your product upgrade. I like using WordPress and think it’s good software. So I’m curious as to why a bug that seems to be so obvious and deleterious as this was not fixed during the beta process.

    I just moved my blog using WP 2.6 to a new server and was working as the admin, but after getting logged off, I was no longer able to log in under either account I setup for myself. I agree that WP 2.6 seems to be having a lot of major bugs that should have been worked out in beta.

    Since it has not been 24 hours for my domain to be transfered to a new IP address, I will give it some time and see if this fixes itself.

    I did notice that I had to re-enter the links and link categories, although the rest of my posts and content was exported and imported just fine.

    Also, even though my admin pages were working, none of my main blog pages were working.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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