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  • Ok – sounds like this is the same problem – so I’ll give this a go – Thanks

    I just found out about wordpress, i downloaded and unzipped the files for the first time. but i cannot install. Any advice


    ndungunan – please start a new topic for your question.


    same problem here :
    i just uploaded to v2.6.2 and i can’t log in anymore!
    when i try to, i come back to the login page…

    i tried both solutions exposed here, but none worked.
    i followed the codex to upload (disabled all plugins etc.), and it’s not my first time, i don’t understand why it’s not working.

    please help ?

    renaming the plugin folder worked for me

    Renaming the plug-in folder didn’t work for me! Any other ideas on how to solve the problem?

    I too have this problem but with enhancements. There is so much traffic on this condition that I wonder if we don’t have a 2.6.3 reinstall bug here.

    My topic: (with no replies): “Upgraded, now can’t login to admin AND articles missing”

    I would say that the issue described by me and posters above is not resolved.

    I ran the wp-upgrade plugin and after it upgraded eveything and logged me out, I couldn’t get back in. But I followed the advice top rename the plugins directory and create a new empty plugins directory and I successfully logged in and completed the db upgrade. Thank you Thomas for figuring out the problem!

    I just encountered this bug, and the moving of the plugins folder resolved it. Terrible waste of time! Shame on WordPress.

    Wow, I never expected to be writing this addition to this thread – I just upgraded one of my blogs from 2.5 (yes, I know, should have done that a long time ago) to 2.6.5 (the recent security fix) – and encountered this exact same problem when trying to log in.

    @thomascim‘s solution re plugin directories solved the problem.

    Really can’t believe this is still an issue. Hope it doesn’t happen when 2.7 is out…

    Oh my goodness. So glad I found this thread. Been beating my head against the wall…
    Thanks for posting the solution here!

    I haven’t logged in for several months. I hadn’t installed any plugins recently. Today I cannot login.

    I use safari and when I goto my podcast,, I get a malware warning page. I go anyway and click login. I may have forgotten my username/password combination, so I click “forgot password”. But wordpress no longer recognizes my email address??? When I typed the username it said to check my email for new password, but they haven’t sent me anything. I checked all old email addresses and spam folders too.

    I’d rather use a service that has customer services even if it costs a lot because I can’t afford to lose literally DAYS to typical wordpress problems. Can anybody recommend something better?

    -Ryan States

    Thomas’ solution doesn’t work for me. Is there anything else?

    I was fine until i upgraded to 2.7. now i have this problem in a bunch of blogs. you’re stuck having to upgrade b/c of all the open hole security breaches. i know b/c i was hacked. still can’t figure this out.

    Silly solution, but it works for me. Instead of going to yoursite/wp-admin, try yourside/wp-login.php. With the help of my hosting company, we stumbled on this. What a pain. But at least I can log in!

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 42 total)
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