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  • i forgot one thing, delete the cookies not solve my problem.

    How did you upgrade your wordpress?

    as i read in here

    when i installed he told me to upgrade database and i done, so try to login but can’t enter.

    i don’t know how i can do it, and i can’t find nothing about this problem. problably some error on database?

    See this thread:

    and this bug report:

    I tried reopening the bug ticket, but it just got closed again and I was referred back to the forums. I guess a showstopping bug that hasn’t actually been resolved and completely prevents a user from using his WP installation isn’t actually a bug, just a support issue.

    i’m very sorry for this post, i know that there are many posts that have “similar” problems, but in my case this tricks doesn’t work. tomorrow i’ll try to install all from 0, i’ll loose old database but i don’t know what can i do. tank you so much for the patience.

    Nothing works for me either 🙁

    Same here. Attempted login just reloads the login page. Deleting cookies, etc. has no effect. My other two WordPress installs (one on the same domain) are fine.

    @ Kugar

    Hi to all, sorry for this topic but i can’t find the solution for my problem. I upgrade my wordpress but now i can’t login, i insert the user and password but i can’t enter and the he don’t tell me if i wrong something but only refresh the page of login.
    How can i solve?

    What is the exact error that you are getting? Or if not error, then what are you seeing after you try to log in? Did you disable all plugins before upgrading?


    Same here. Attempted login just reloads the login page. Deleting cookies, etc. has no effect. My other two WordPress installs (one on the same domain) are fine.

    Are you sure your files aren’t corrupted? Tried reuploading?
    Have you checked your error logs to see anything that might give reason to why it reloads?
    Is your situation the same as Kugar, where you’ve recently upgraded, and to what version?
    Did you disable all plugins before upgrading?

    Also still having this issue myself, absolutely can’t log in under any circumstances, any browsers, clearing cookies or not. I updated wp-config.php with the new keys, tried changing the password, tried manually creating a user – nothing works.

    No error message with the correct login, just returns me to the login screen.

    vietknight: I have the same problem and I currently have the latest version (2.6.2)

    When I enter the correct username and password, NOTHING happens. I just remain on the wp-login.php page. If I enter a wrong username or password, the error message appears.

    This happened after I moved hosting to MediaTemple . Is anyone else that has this problem on MediaTemple?

    The thing is that I have another WP install in the same account, a different domain… and I can login perfectly on that one. I moved that one exactly the same from the old hosting account too.

    There aren’t any error logs, no errors, simply nothing. I have uploaded all the 2.6.2 files again, files are exactly as in the original download, nothing corrupted.

    Any ideas?

    WOW, I finally found the problem!

    open wp-login.php

    find the following 2 lines and comment them:

    if ( dirname($schema . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) != get_option(‘siteurl’) )
    update_option(‘siteurl’, dirname($schema . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]) );

    This is in 2.6.2

    After commenting these lines I was able to login

    Hallo Alinush (oder ein anderer Leser),

    ich habe das selbe Problem, bin aber mit PHP und Serveradministration nicht so weit per Du, dass ich wüsste, was ich da austauschen muss. Kann mir jemand helfen?

    Danke und schöne Grüße

    Markus Wäger


    I had the same problem with my blog ( version 2.6.2).

    Clearing cookies, cache etc, didn’t solve anything.

    Since I still had FTP access I tried the following:

    1. via ftp rename “wp-content” > “plugins” to “1.plugins”
    2. create new dir “plugins”
    3. login to wp (which now worked for me)
    4. via ftp remove empty “plugins” created in step 2
    5. and rename “1.plugins” back to “plugins”

    For me this solved the problem.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Thomas! moving plugins directory worked for me!

    I had this problem too, but interestingly enough it only happened after I didn’t login for a few weeks, before that it worked perfectly fine, nothing happened after I upgraded or anything. was really confused after this, tried clearing out cookies, new password (at first I thought I really did forget it, but I didn’t), editing wp-login file, nothing.

    But Thomas’s method worked for me, so thanks so much!
    also, just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke I logged out and back in again and it was working just fine, so if nothing else worked yet, try this! just remember to reactivate any plugins you had before, or you’ll get errors

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