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  • You might have to follow my instructions to gain access to your website.


    sorry dear,

    i was trying to access my admin area at Away Mode duration,

    every thing is working fine…

    I had the Better WP Security plugin installed on my site –

    The usual WP message to update plugins appeared in my Dashboard. One update was for the Better WP Security plugin. When I updated it, there were numerous warnings that my theme didn’t have certain requirements for the iThemes Security to work properly, so I decided to deactivate it, to uninstall it and use a different security plugin.

    A “deactivate” button was available and there was no warning against deactivating. Now it can’t access the backend of the website at all. The web pages show up, but not the WordPress Dashboard. How do I get back access to the back end?

    rename WP Security plugin folder via FTP.

    this ll solve ur problem.

    “rename WP Security plugin folder via FTP”

    Thanks for your assistance. Maybe you could help me a little bit further. I’d really appreciate it.

    Rename it to what? Thanks!!!

    Your plugging folder.

    “better-wp-security” to “better-wp-security-x”

    logged into Filezilla.
    found this folder named “better-wp-security”
    Renamed “better-wp-security” to “better-wp-security-x”
    Tried to login to site here:
    All I see is blank page with “Connecting” listed in the Tab title.
    After a minute like this, turned into “The connection was reset”
    Wired connection was not disconnected or changed.

    rename WP Security plugin folder via FTP.
    this ll solve ur problem.

    Didn’t work. Any other suggestions? Thanks. GW

    Hi This worked for me,

    But I had to go into my cPanel and find my old login URL and log in that way. Even now after updating the iThems WP Security, I can’t loging using the URL I have added to the plugin.

    but when I started adding a new post I found a problem which I din’t have before. When I add a picture to the post the caption and description fillers are over written with spam text.

    I have update iThems security and added Akismet plugins.

    Can anyone help please.

    Thanks so Much Viktor KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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