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  • We decided to build a new test site for development of our production site, We chose to do this on a new hosting company, using a new domain, is hosted on a virtual host at GoDaddy; is on shared hosting at Siteground. uses the Chapelco theme from

    I’ve copied this site before, about 3 years ago. I moved the files, took a database copy, created a new mySQL database and user on the new site, and did a search-and-replace on the URLs in the database, which is 64MB (it’s a big, old site; the blog probably goes back 10 years). I very carefully changed everything but the domains in email addresses. When I tried to bring up the site, it wouldn’t display properly and I couldn’t log in.

    On Siteground’s advice I then uploaded a new database that hadn’t had the URLs changed and added these 2 lines to the theme’s function.php; but it hasn’t helped:

    update_option( ‘siteurl’, ‘’ );
    update_option( ‘home’, ‘’ );

    Home page now displays correctly but I still can’t log in, redirects to and produces a 404. also redirects and 404s.

    I created a copy of this site about 3 years ago and didn’t have these problems (I had a different set!), but at that time we were using a basic WordPress theme, not the very complex RocketTheme theme. I’ll open a ticket with RocketPress, too, but if someone can suggest what I’m doing wrong I’d be very grateful. I’ve reviewed the codex instructions on updating the database for a URL change, but frankly the instructions for that script that it recommends scare me.

    Do I need to edit the database and change all the URLs for this move, or not? The base path changed radically from the old site (/var/www/vhosts/ to the new site (/home/lsrtesti/, and I specifically changed that the first time, but it didn’t seem to help.

    I have access to the cPanel, and to the database via phpMyAdmin, but I can’t log into WordPress.

    would I be better off doing a clean WordPress install and then loading the site copy over it??

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  • This will make your life easier

    You should also review

    Hope that helps 🙂

    Thanks for the response, I will certainly look into Duplicator, as I actually have 2 sites I’d like to make copies of for test purposes.

    I have reviewed the Codex post on moving WordPress in extreme detail. I’m still confused about the issue of updating the URLs in the database, and as I said, I got conflicting bad advice from my hosting company. If Duplicator will do all this for me, then fine; but I like to understand what’s going on in these moves. Specifically, if the absolute site path changes, do I have to change that in the database? It’s definitely in there and I don’t see how you could not change it, and expect things to work.

    In the move that started all this, both the URL and the absolute path have different lengths on the copy site. Apparently some years ago you could just swap out the URLs, but now this data serialization issue apparently makes that break. What’s a gal to do?

    I use Duplicator all the time. I just used it this morning to move a CMS that had all sorts of documents outside of the normal WordPress directory structure but were linked to from within WordPress pages and it even grabbed those for me. I used to dread moving sites. Now it’s kinda fun!

    Clients want to see site progress. No problem, gimme 20 minutes 🙂

    The only issue I’m having from this morning has nothing to do with the plugin but rather getting CF7 to work with the new mail servers but I’ll figure it out.

    It’s an amazing plugin but it is also a good idea to thoroughly understand the move process by reviewing the CODEX especially if you plan on diggin into WordPress a little more.

    A little further research tells me that, which I want to clone, already has Backup Buddy installed – I’m one of a team of volunteers who maintains the site, and one of the others put it in. I think they put it in just to do site backups but it says it will move the site – and if I use it, I get paid tech support! Do you have any experience with Backup Buddy?

    It’s encouraging to hear that Duplicator is that easy to use. I may try it out on another project I’m working on.

    As a career techie and programmer, I never want to do anything by hand if someone has built a good automation for it!

    Since this chat, I got a request for a backup of another copy of our site (don’t ask), so I thought I’d try Duplicator. I’ve run into a problem. Duplicator assumes (and doesn’t say this until you get to the scan output) that your site is 150MB or less and your database is 50MB or less; also that you have no files over 5MB in size. We have a big old site with a lot of embedded data and we’re over all those limits (site is >300MB, database is just over 95MB, plus 5 non-backup files which exceed the 5MB limit). When I ran the build I got an error, 500 Internal Server Error (probably a timeout).

    Duplicator support tells me I probably can’t use it on a shared or budget hosting site (it’s on GoDaddy). So is there an alternative, free if possible?

    I still plan to try Backup Buddy for my major task – its next scheduled backup is tomorrow so I thought I’d wait for it. But I would like a tool for this other site, if possible a free tool. Any suggestions?

    I’ve used Duplicator on budget hosting platforms (including GoDaddy) many times but I think the problem your having is due to the size of the site causing timeouts.

    If your moving sites that large and running into timeouts you should probably stick with good old manual moves

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