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  • Jamie Leigh


    My website is and I have been trying countless timesto lg in, even thinking for PW’s the first letter needed to be capped or not and NOTHING. I enter my email to resend the pw ( and it ALWAYS says there is no user with that email. My other friend has a username and is listed as an admin and when we’ve tried to log in and even his name and email isn’t letting anyone log in.

    In the past few months I have had to totally start the site over because of not being able to log in and need to now.

    I was able to log in recently (maybe a month or so ago when I redesigned and completely redid it) but since then no luck.

    I have gotten a new laptop since – not sure if that affects anything with logging in or not, but no matter what I try I can not login or even get the system to acknowledge any email we used (it’s always the same one) as being active and in the system… ie: no reset passwords sent, nothing.

    Help! Need to get in there today and update.

    Feel free to contact in any way.

    Thank you very much.


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  • and if that doesn’t work then please try to reset your password.

    Thanks Samuel but none of those can be done if you are unable to LOG IN to the program at all. That’s where the issue is.

    unable to LOG IN to the program at all. That’s where the issue is.

    Can you access your server via FTP / cPanel?

    Panther, no I can’t, that’s the issue. I got a new laptop (but if the entire site is based online essentially) that shouldn’t be an issue right? I emailed my friend who is the admin, more familiar with this all, but in the meantime – no I can’t access the cpanel at all.

    The only way to do that is to log in through the same pages right?

    There aren’t any other URL’s? And if so, they would ask for name and pw again which just isn’t working for me for some reason… :/

    Oh, I think I see where the problem lies…
    please try to login via and not via ! is just for those that have an account there and host their blogs via… You are using the software for self-hosted blogs… Hope that solves all the issues.

    I’m in!

    I’ve bookmarked the page and am writing it down to.

    Panther I can’t thank you enough. I’ve felt it was something similar to the this but didn’t know where to begin to resolve it.

    I appreciate it greatly! JL

    Jamie, you’re welcome! I’m glad I could help!

    Panther, I’m gonna drive you crazy but. First attempt worked, now am at different location (free Wifi) perfectly online and connected to other sites but when I click on that link I am getting, ” Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” It looks like it’s loading but then ultimately it doesn’t connect.


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    It looks like your whole site is down. I can’t get to at all.

    Call your web host for this one.

    Hm, that’s awkward… maybe your firewall blocks you from accessing wordpress in that Wifi spot… but in terms of Wifi I’m totally clueless 😉
    EDIT: Ipstenu is right.. your whole site is down…

    Just noticed that here as well.
    Looking into it.
    Thank you for letting me know Ipstenu… clearly the two are connected.

    Spoke to owner said entire server having issues and give it an hour or so and then try again so I’ll wait a bit and then try logging into both. Here’s hoping!

    Server up and running for now (as not to jinx) as well as website. Clearly, the two are/were connected. Hoping we stay active now, thanks again for help on this.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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