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  • Worked fine until yesterday ….

    Now, when I log in, the log in box refreshes, my log in credentials disappear and then …. nothing. I’m back to the same log in box/page as before.

    So, okay, I say, let’s try resetting the password. Tried using usernames and e-mails (all 3 users) to kickstart the process. Nothing. Same as above (box refreshes … then nothing, plus this time it’s saying I got either username/e-mail wrong).

    Have not encountered this prob before, so totally at sea.

    Other previously unlucky ones out there who’ve nicked this prob or experts/gurus to lend a hand?

    It’s not a live site yet so I’m thinking maybe just re-install. But I also want to understand how something like this happens and how to fix it (in case the next site is a live one).

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  • What did you do yesterday? 🙂

    I thought I made a follow up post here saying that the problem ran across all my WP sites, both single sites and multisites. So it was not an isolated issue.

    But I don’t think it was a WP problem either because my sites are NOT fresh installs, they have been running for a few years. My suspicion was that it was a server-related problem (the only “major” thing I can think of doing before discovering the issue was that I fiddled with the PHP configuration, memory size and max post size, before that to upload a huge file). But we (with the server management people) troubleshot it for a while and could not come up with a solution.

    BTW I was logged in (to an account when I discovered something truly strange: I published a few posts/pages (and also saved a few ones as draft) and when I went back to look at them, I could not find them ANYWHERE (not in post/page list, trash, on the frontend). They just vanished.

    As a final “solution”, I requested a restore of my server from t-3 (3 days before). Now THAT resulted in another set of problems which I ended up spending all of yesterday on (what I did yesterday, you say?). Bottom line, the t-3 restore hasn’t happened yet (sometime today, I think), so I am still unable to access the backedn of my sites. But at least the sites are working fine on the frontend.

    Yikes. That was a loaded question, and I’m sorry.

    Tweaking PHP can cause problems, though memory and max sizes, much less so.

    But to take it back to basics, there are a couple ways to start diagnosing this one. First you can turn off all the plugins, the other is to make a second install and see if you get the same problem.

    Yes, tried them all possible ways to fix it. But no dice.

    We tried a /home restore (from t-3)for all the hosted sites and that worked. So things are back to normal again.

    That’s … wild. I wonder what on earth got changed and where 🙁 Any chance of a server compare to t-3 vs t-ohcrap?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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