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  • Can you post your site URL here?

    Additionally, I just activated phpmyadmin thru my webhost and discovered it was corrupt (probably had been for a while as the host has had countless server problems in the last two days). I have no databases, no user permissions tabs,etc. I thnk the problem may be there, so I contacted them.

    But if you can help or point me in the right direction, have at it!

    If you don’t have a database etc, the wp-admin section would not work. So definitely the database is there.

    You can change the password from the FTP.

    Refer to the section “Through FTP”

    I followed your suggestion but now, instead of “shaking”and telling me the password is incorrect, it just clears the login boxes and just sits there, no shaking, no incorrect password message. Maybe I didn’t do it right. Here’ the function.php with my code added:

    <?php wp_set_password(‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,1);
    * @package WordPress
    * @subpackage Pretty_Theme

    if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )
    ‘before_widget’ => ‘<li id=”%1$s” class=”widget %2$s”>’,
    ‘after_widget’ => ”,
    ‘before_title’ => ‘<h2 class=”widgettitle”>’,
    ‘after_title’ => ‘</h2>’,



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    – switching to the Twenty Eleven theme by renaming your current theme’s folder inside wp-content/themes and adding “-old” to the end of the folder name using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.

    I think we’ve discovered the problem. There is a folder called “yroot” that is missing from my file manager. I have two domains and the one that contains that folder functions perfectly. I believe the missing file in the “broken” domain is what’s corrupting my phpadmin. Right now, I have no way to set privileges and I have no databases showing except information_schema.

    The web host is working on this and they think they can have it fixed in a day or two. I sure hope so.

    If not, will I have to delete my blog and start all over?

    Thanks for help!

    Hi Katie,

    When you reset the password via FTP you should see no shacking or whatever and the fields simply go blank. That means you’ve just reset the password.

    Once the password is reset, go back to the modified functions.php, remove the newly added line and then login using the new configured password, which in your case is “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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