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  • s2Member doesn’t apply access restrictions to administrators or the admin area when active, much less when not.

    Only these protections would affect an admin for security reasons, and only if s2 is active and the configured conditions are met: WP Admin -> s2Member -> Restrictions -> Brute Force, Unique IP

    This happened to me as well. Can you please tell me how to reactivate S2Member without being able to get into my dashboard?

    Thank you!

    If I could only reactivate S2Member I might be able to fix the issue based on this post:

    Does anyone have the code that goes into the active_plugins options value in the wordpress options table? If I had that code, it might reactivate s2member and then I might be able to get into my dashboard.

    Someone please help, my host can’t help me!

    I’ve tried creating a new user with administrative capabilities, but no joy.

    My meta value for my administrative WP capabilities is


    which seems to be correct. Yet I still can’t get into my wp-admin dashboard.

    All this happened when I deactivated S2-Member. Now I am completely locked out. I have no idea how to get back into my site, and my hosting provider says they cannot help me. I was on the phone with them for a really long time. Can someone please help me?

    Can you use FTP?

    If so, what I’d suggest is that you go into your installation, and re-name your s2Member and/or bbPress folder(s). That will render them inactive. Then try and login again. You will be able to get them working again by giving them back their original names.

    Obviously, I can’t guarantee that this will work, because I don’t know what the cause of the problem is, but you don’t risk losing any data this way.

    Thank you KTS915.

    I am aware of how to disable plugins and currently all plugins on my site are disabled.

    Somehow my administrator capabilities have been corrupted.

    In fact, now that I have deactivated all of my plugins, I have no way to reactivate them without access to my dashboard. Is there no way to do this???


    Yes, I understand that. But, as you say, the database entry appears to be correct.

    You say your host can’t help. But perhaps they can. Do they keep database backups? If so, it should be possible to restore yours to how it was before you had these problems.

    The database is probably OK, I’ll check about the backup. The host developer tells me that S2Member made unauthorized changes to my administrator account settings. I am totally locked out. I don’t think this is something that gets backed up.

    The host developer tells me that S2Member made unauthorized changes to my administrator account settings.

    Hmm. Who is your host?

    GoDaddy is my host. They are currently trying to set up another administrative user in my wordpress account in order to reset my settings. Initial attempts to do this failed. My dashboard sees locked. It is not easy, the developer had to submit a support ticket. I am still waiting to hear back about it.

    GoDaddy is my host.

    I guessed as much. Their responses to queries from a friend of mine (whose setup is quite simple and who doesn’t use s2Member) means that I wouldn’t trust a thing they say about WordPress.

    Thanks for your interest on this. They could not solve the issue with my login and so are trying to restore to the 19th. My fingers are crossed.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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