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  • jaxwins



    i’m running a local wordpress site in virtual machine to intend to work in local network, my problem is that when a access the wordpress site from the host machine , i can’t load the images. imagens are loaded correctly when i access in localhost

    I searched on the internet and cant find the answer

    Thanks and regards

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  • Fahim Murshed


    It’s totally network related issue.

    Make sure your site installed with your IP’s not like “localhost/wpastra” or “wpastra.local” domain. You can’t access it from another’s PC until using the IP’s.

    So, install WordPress with your IP’s. For example: “”.

    Better using localWP development tools and it has live link features.
    Refer to this screenshot-

    I hope that helps and clarifies.

    Have a wonderful day ahead. 🙂

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