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    Thanks to this forum, the slider is working! I’m close to getting everything just right, but I can not get only the static post to appear on the home page. It keeps leaving the static post, PLUS one more on the home page.

    Anyone know how to get rid of this? I’ve tried selecting “Front page displays > Static Posts page (chose post because of the slider).

    I’ve also selected “Blog pages show at most” to 1 and 0, but it still shows the most recent one.

    I’ve come a LONG way with this template, gave up, came back again and again… If someone can help me with this, I think I can make the rest of it work! Thanks in advance!

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  • Hello there!

    i like your site.

    How did you manage to remove the latest posts from the homepage?

    However, i will just like to set the three posts below the slider as in this site:

    here is my site:

    thanks for your time!

    Also, can you please let me know how did you set just text in the homepage together with the slider above?

    I am NOT a wordpress expert by any means, but when I look at the site, the three areas below the slider are widgets, not individual posts. That site looks like a different template that added a slider.

    It’s been a month or more since I was able to fix my site, and honestly, I don’t remember exactly what I did. I found a setting in my template that allowed me to just use 1 post on the homepage. I don’t know what template you are using, but that was a setting in my site.

    Sorry I’m not more help….

    Thank you!

    You are very kind.

    I see now that you haven’t use any other post in your site, rather worked with pages.

    I was able to keep one single post in the home page, however, if i add any other post, it will be shown there as well.

    temporarily i’m using an other theme.. but i intended to work with brightpage theme, because it is so nice!

    If anybody could reply to my question on how to keep the slider in the homepage with a controlled number of posts or text and divert other posts to other pages will be most appreciated!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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