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  • My web hosting account won’t allow me to download wordpress into my root domain folder but only a other designation) do you know how I can make sure that the website is forwarded to my

    Please help I’ve been unable to install anything…

    I am using webhosting account.



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  • I think I would be contacting my hosting company if that is the case. Are you installing through cpanel/fantastico or manually. What about installing it in a directory and then just moving the files and directories to the root and updating the db/config to associate the site with the root location?

    Hi Jason

    I am installing it manually using FTP.

    I called them but seriously they were no help

    they said that i need linux hosting not windows IIS, do you know if this is true (and they said also that: they are not sure if this will even help)

    I specifically need to install the 2.6.3 version of wordpress as I am following an online Tutorial, that I paid for.

    Thanks for your help.



    I have installed the wordpress 2.9 version with

    It has however put it into

    Do you know how I can change that so that it links to

    Do I have to manually move some files, change anything inside them?

    Thank you,


    The only one who put it into /wordpress would be you when you FTP’d the “/wordpress” folder to your host.

    Delete that off the host and FTP it again, but upload the contents of the wordpress folder to your root, not the actual folder.

    if you’re already set up successfully – just move your install to root now

    WordPress can also be installed on your PC using xampp – other ways – easier to do development stuff (tutorial) on the desk.

    WP can be installed on IIS without to much of an issue usually. Are you coping the wordpress folder to your site via FTP or the contents of the wordpress folder to your site root? It sounds like maybe just a matter of where you are uploading the files to.

    Do you have any major reason for staying with a host that is unwilling to try to help?

    Outside of the WP issue, i would really consider migrating away from your current host. There are many reviews here to help you find the right fit.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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