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  • I’m having trouble installing wordpress 2.7.1 per the following directions 80% of the way down in the tutorial: – ‘Installing WordPress on WLMP System’

    “Now download and unpack the newest version of WordPress. Put the files in C:\Program files\LightTPD\htdocs. Rename the directory if you so choose. Put all the files inside the wordpress directory in root if you want the blog to be installed on the root directory.”

    “Now open a browser window and access the files. If you put the wordpress directory in the document root and rename it to blog, type the following into the browser’s address bar: http://localhost/blog/

    BTW, I have no idea where root is at this point. Clarification needed.

    Anyhow, I didn’t rename the WordPress directory. So the WordPress directory and all the downloaded files for WP 2.7.1 are in c:\program files\lighttpd\htdocs

    When I open http://localhost/ I get the indexx.html splashscreen from lightTPD’s htdocs directory, indicating that lightTPD is working. Vista Task Manager also says lightTPD, MySQLd-nt, and php-cgi are all running.

    But when I open http?//loalhost/Wordpress/ I get ‘Oops: This link appears broken.’ (from my Google Chrome browser).

    What Have I done wrong? I would appreciate any help. I’m stuck until I hear from someone.

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  • First, what is the full path of wp-config.php ?

    If it is here:

    c:\program files\lighttpd\htdocs\wp-config.php

    Then the WP files are in your root folder. If instead they are in another subfolder of htdocs, you would browse to that folder.

    Your root directory is this: c:\program files\lighttpd\htdocs\

    Any files in there will be seen when visiting http://localhost/

    You said that URL shows you the welcome page for the software, that could be because there are default web files in that folder already.

    WordPress has index.php, but if you already have an index.html, htm, etc.. in there, it may be loading first. You can simply delete any other index.* except the index.php file.

    Sorry to take so long responding. I had given up on this track completely because I heard that lighttpd is basically a linux development and not fully windows compatible. So I tried to uninstall and delete everything related to lighttpd, apache, php, or mysql that I could, and even removed the c:\program files\lighttpd directory from both of my computers (one Vista and one XP). But the flash screen from lighttpd still comes up (sometimes) when I go to http://localhost, indicating (incorrectly) that the program is still installed (with the install directory removed).

    I have taken someone’s advice to try easyphp but I’m still on its learning curve and trying to find a decent tutorial to get it running, sofar to no avail. It used to start apache and mysql, but now it doesn’t, so I will probably have to uninstall and reinstall it to try to can get back to where I was yesterday at this time. These easy 5-minute installs are highly exaggerated, in my opinion. I’m beginning to think that 90 percent of the problem is that it is virtually impossible to purge the old stuff that didn’t work before you can put the new stuff in.

    I really appreciate your help. I’ll try to reply again and let you know when and if I manage to make any progress with something.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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