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    Hello beautiful people!

    I try to install the plugin easy digital downloads and a theme in a localhost instalation of wordpress… that’s very easy, I unzip and place the folders into wp-contet/plugins and wp-content/themes, but, when I try to do the same in a wordpress online (hosted in a digitalocean VPS) it doesnt’ works… I upload sucessfully but when I open the “installed plugins” or themes in the wordpress admin page the plugins and the themes doesn’t appear.

    I also set the permissions
    chmod -R 777 /var/www/wp-content/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/

    I also tried to install automatically but I put the right ftp credentials but it say can’t connect…

    I already have another VPS in digitalocean with another wordpress installation and everything works ok, the localhost installation works ok too, but this new installation doesn’t works…

    Someone would help me? 😉

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  • Krishna



    Who hosts your site? Can you log out and then login?

    ^ that’s actually probably an ‘ownership’ not permission situation, ls (directory view) listing the directory structure and check if the ownership is the same as the rest of the directories in the wp-content folder

    More then likely it’s not. Which means that the FTP user itself isn’t setup that the web daemon can read the files from it. The best way to verify this is to actually to see if it brings you back an error of some sort or if you have indexes on the listing of the directory contents

    Since you’re using a VPS, it probably means you know what you’re doing, just verify that the FTP user you’re using is in the owner’s group of that httpd section, or in the httpd’s group. (if that’s the case of the situation) .. I’ve seen quite a few times that people are putting the files in the wrong section of the directory structure that has the stuff there but not the right one that is being read by the httpd.

    Look, I deleted the wordpress installation and install again with the original wordpress (in english, the “lastest version”), and eveything works fine.

    The problem is the “portugues wordpress” (, this version doesn’t work the plugin installation, if I try the original wordpress in English ( this works normally.

    I don’t know why, but to avoid problems and lost of time I will use the original wordpress in english and everything is allright!

    Thanks for the attention and support, hugs! 😀

    Dear Helpful People.
    I am new to Weaver II Pro. How do I update it? Updating Weaver II was easy, click click click. But as I recall when I upgraded to Pro there was some warning that I would have to take additional steps to update the Pro version. Please advise.
    Thank you.



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    We do not support commercial themes here. Perhaps you meant to post on

    And next time, please post your own topic.

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