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  • I’ve been trying to install wordpress for the last few days. Every time I get to the last step, it says page not found etc.

    The only thing that is a possible problem is that my text editor (TextEdit on a Mac) won’t let me re-save the config file as .php, only as .php.txt.

    Do you think that this is the problem? I can’t rename it in any way without it ammending itself.

    Otherwise, I havge followed the instructions to the letter.

    I am using filezilla on a Mac and hosted by godaddy (I have also tried uploading using the ftp page on godaddy’s site itself.)

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    the file needs to be named wp-config.php

    Not to be smug but if doing that is difficult for you, you really ought to consider trying, switching to a more friendly operating system, or both.

    another option, since ive seen a lot of posts this morning that read like “Ive been trying to do this for days ..” is to pay someone to do the install for you.

    How much is your time worth? I know people that install wordpress for $10.00

    3 days …

    Ha ha. Thanks for the tip. I really want to understand this stuff and you have to start somewhere. I’ve learnt a billion things over the last few days which I’m sure will come in handy down the line.

    I managed to rename the file to .php via the file manager on the godaddy site but that also didn’t work.

    What do you mean by a more friendly operating system?




    you said:

    I am using filezilla on a Mac

    im on a pc and I dont have any trouble renaming files. (that’s such a fundamental operation, after all)

    If you’re still having trouble you can modify the file name in the File Manager. Here’s an article with details on how to do this –

    Otherwise, there’s a a quick install of WordPress available in Go Daddy Hosting Connection. Just follow the instructions here:

    Thanks for the responses guys. I’ve just managed to install wordpress. Now the real battle begins.

    I gave up on filezilla and now I’m using cyberduck, it’s built for macs so it looks more like what I’m familiar with.

    Kind of ironic, though, that I wanted to do it the hard way in part to avoid extra cost and now I see that the free hosting option comes with a godaddy banner at the top of my site. Not really the look I’m after!

    One last little gripe: it’s really disingenuous of wordpress to bang on about the ‘famous five minute install’ when so many people have massive problems.

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    By going with free hosting with ad banners at the top of the page, you’re asking for more trouble, as GoDaddy’s ad javascript will conflict with WordPress. Cheap GoDaddy linux hosting isn’t that expensive per year and works well with WordPress.

    Thanks songdogtech. There’s something in me which is loathe to buy hosting from godaddy, it feels a little like I’ve been conned into it by the promise of free hosting with a domain without mentioning the ad banner. I might have bought my domain from elsewhere had it been upfront about it, so it would feel a bit like rewarding dishonesty. AND if I never see that little cartoon guy again I will be a happier soul.

    Are there any other hosters that you would recommend? Are there any issues that would mean it is better to have my registration and hosting with the same company?

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    List of hosts: WordPress › PHP / MySQL Web Hosting. No problem with registering with one provider and hosting with another; owning a domain and hosting it are different animals.

    Thanks a million for your help, songdogtech.

    @ GD Hosting. Not being rude about the little cartoon guy. He just looks too happy. I really do appreciate that you helped me out.

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    Glad it worked out….

    Lastly, for anyone reading this who is having problems with the install. I’m not exactly sure what I did that finally made it work, I swear it was exactly the same as the first time I tried it.

    But the hostname is the most complicated thing about installation if you are new to this whole world. With most other hosters, you can simply paste ‘local host’ in that field but with godaddy it’s different. It appears on the wordpress installation tutorial page (in fact, on the sub page that tells you how to edit the wp-config.php file – that you should put in “” here but that didn’t work for me. My hostname is . I don’t know why or what it means but that’s what worked and yours might look similar. I got it from the godaddy site and to get to it is labarinthine. Do this. > My products (menu) > Hosting (this will not appear in the my products menu for 24 hours after you have ordered the hosting!!) > Manage account > (this next page opens in a new window or tab!!!! If you are as dim as me you might not notice and think that your computer is broken) > databases (menu) > now click on the PENCIL under action next to the database you set up days ago when all this seemed simple (do not click on “Manage via phpMyAdmin”, it means nothing to us and will freak you out when it asks for a password and user name you don’t have) > there should be your hostname on this next page. EASY!!!

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