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  • I am having serious problems installing 3.1 it is a fresh install and every time i try to upload via ftp i hit errors when it gets to the js folder in wp-includes thickbox and tinymce etc i just keep getting these error in my ftp saying no such file or folder but there is. Changing folder names, permissions etc don’t do anything to help.

    I have used wp many times on other domains and have never had this trouble what is going on?

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  • anyone any ideas?

    Ok i tried to upload folders one at a time but i still get problems where my ftp keeps tellingme a file already exists then asks me to overwrite it with a empty file what the hell is going on here


    It looks like a connection problem, probably server is a bit overloaded. Try to delete wordpress files and upload again.

    tried several times but still same problems

    Tried restarting all my servers in whm but still no luck

    What ftp program are you using and is your internet connection stable?

    Yep internet is stable no problems before or today. Using filezilla but have tried a couple of others just to see and still same problems.

    Just sent a ticket to my vps managers to see if they can figure anything

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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