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  • I have been trying to insert an uploaded picture into a post since I (locally) installed 2.5 RC1. (Now upgraded to 2.5)
    I have no problems uploading my pictures, but then it seems to go wrong.
    I hit the add Media -> add a picture-button, then I choose the ‘Media library’ where I choose the picture I want.
    Title, caption and description are already entered, I chose to have no link, choose the alignment and size I want, hit ‘insert to post’, and then the middle of the ‘greybox’ turns white, and nothing else happen. When I close the graybox, by hitting on ‘x’, (which is the only thing I can do), nothing has changed to my post…

    Maybe (as a non-english-speaking user) there is something I misunderstood, but when that’s so, it should be made a little bit easier.

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  • Yeah… this is happening to me too. Sometimes when I click insert image all I get is a blank box. It works most of the time, though… but really annoying when it doesn’t work.

    Doesn’t work for me either. I just get the blank page after hitting the “insert into post” button. I’ve taken to copying the URL and then pasting it in manually.

    I get an error message when the image uploads but the image does appear in my media library but I have no button to insert the picture into my post or page.

    Very frustrating.

    I’ve got this issue too. Anybody have any ideas?

    I click on add image, upload, it shows me the title of the picture and a show link (which does nothing).

    Going to gallery does nothing either.

    I should add it does not work with IE or Opera but it does with FF

    Hi all, I have exactly the same problem: I could upload fine, but when trying to insert an image into post the window simply blanks.

    Please HELP

    hi, just adding my twocents. Installed a new WordPress Blog 2.5 in a subdir of my Server (Apache). When I try to upload an image and click “insert into post”, the popup goes blank. I can only click on x to close the window. The image gets uploaded, I can see it in the gallery next time I click “add an image”, but when I try to include it into the post, it goes blank.
    Oddly, if I clear the link URL field, it works.
    Tried it on:
    FF (Windows, also with deactivated cache)
    Safari (Windows and Mac)
    IE 6 (gives a lot of other errors)
    IE 7
    so it does not seem to be a browser-specific error…
    p.s. and yes, I deactivated all my plugins…

    Hi gang,

    It’s a “permissions” thing. Here’s what I did.

    1) First try — couldn’t upload photos because the directory on the server wasn’t writable by the server (actually, wasn’t even there). WP told me that, so I went and added “write” permissions to the /content/uploads folder. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you create that folder first, WP doesn’t do that automatically for ya.

    2) Second try — symptoms just like what y’all are describing. I could upload fine, but when I inserted the picture in the post I got a blank screen, all I could do was close it, and the picture didn’t show up.

    3) Solution — I added “read” permissions (in addition to the “write” permission I’d done in the last step) to the /content/uploads folder. ‘Turns out that the server needs to read stuff from there in order to complete it’s job. Made sense, once I’d gotten it going.

    Works a treat now.

    3) Solution — I added “read” permissions (in addition to the “write” permission I’d done in the last step) to the /content/uploads folder. ‘Turns out that the server needs to read stuff from there in order to complete it’s job. Made sense, once I’d gotten it going

    My upload folders are already set to read-write, and I get the blank-sceen issue. It’s interesting to note that I can’t reproduce it, but a client of mine seems to get it consistently, leading me to think its some sort of client-side issue.

    My upload folder also has these permissions 755, but I still get the white window in the middle of the screen that doesn’t do anything. No picture files are added. Is there another solution or workaround someone has figured yet?

    I tried adding the pictures manually, but I can’t get the thumbnails to show.

    me too, permissions are set to 775 and http user is member of group, so has all rights on the folder.
    And it works fine when I include the picture with the link url field cleared. Can anybody reproduce this?

    NEW SOLUTION: Make sure your WordPress tab is the ONLY tab open at the time.

    Works for me! Hopefully someone will find a better solution (i.e., one that lets us upload images while other tabs are open).

    Hi, I have the same problem, BUT only when I’m not the admin; so it is not a folder permissions.
    Any Idea?


    Ditto Egodoy

    I can not “Insert into Post” unless I am logged in as the original Admin. I don’t think the upload permissions has anything to do with this problem.

    If am I logged in as a user (even a user that has admin permissions) I get a blank box when I press “Insert into Post”. This is the error that Firebug throws:

    uncaught exception:
    Permission denied to get property Window.send_to_editor
    tb_show("", "", false)thickbox.js (line 230)
    tb_init()thickbox.js (line 26)
    e(Object target=a.thickbox type=click)jquery.js (line 11)

    Hope this can get fixed soon.

    EDIT: If I change a user to an “Editor” permission, “Insert into Post” works. It’s some conflict with users that are admins but not the default admin.

    Oooops, sorry…

    Let’s back the truck up a second. Look at what browsers you can upload with and what you can’t: one can upoload with FF and not IE, the next can’t with FF and CAN with IE…

    We found something at work: a client can’t upload with IE but can with FF — in IE, the image doesn’t crunch, and when the Show link appears, it’s dead. Ditto for our office.

    FF, no problem. This goes across two servers configged similarly (there are some minor diffs, but nothing material). The patch listed in the sticky post has absolutely no effect. Plugins, activated or not, have no effect, either.

    It’s not random, either, only different across different servers. My hunch is that there are varying server settings — or other server variables — involved here that shouldn’t be.

    Now I haven’t checked Lightbox in a standalone mode to see if there is an issue there, as well, which is why the server idea is merely a hunch at this point…

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