• I purchased the WOFFICE theme in large part because it comes with WP ERP. I am not sure if it is due to the theme or just the native capabilities, but when I am in my Users area and select 1 or more Users in the native WordPress admin, and then select the Bulk Action “Import to CRM” and press the “Apply” button, assign the contact to a user and click the “Import” button, I get the onscreen message that “contacts created”. When I go into the CRM from ERP, no contacts ever get imported. I have tested this on 2 different websites and get the same results, NO CONTACTS GET IMPORTED INTO THE CRM.

    It is frustrating to spend money on something (the theme that comes with WP ERP) advertised and marketed as a good product to then have to spend so much time dealing with non-functioning features. I have had issues with WP ERP in the past as well and had hoped that they were resolved by now but have been left disappointed again.

    I would be the first one to write a positive review on a product that actually works as advertised and if someone can help me resolve this issue I will do it for this product as well.

    I like the advertised features, I just have had several issues and not gotten responses back from support. Product looks good but I can not yet endorse it or recommend it to others as it has not worked successfully for me on several different websites on various servers I have attempted to install it on. I really want to like this product.

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