Can't import MT/Typepad to Word Press on Network Solutions host (2 posts)

  1. bobgr
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry I am new to Word Press and do not know how to find out what version I'm using. Yesterday I remember a message saying that a newer version of Word Press was available and I did the upgrade.

    I set up a Word Press blog through Network Solutions that hosts my website. From my current Typepad blogs I exported the two files, naming them import.txt and importnc.txt. Then in my Network Solution/Word Press account I used the Word Press dashboard and clicked on Tools/import. One option is "Movable Type and TypePad--Import posts and comments from a Movable Type or TypePad blog." It asked me to install the plug-in, which I did.One option is to browse for the file, click on it and then hit the import button. But all that happens is it stalls connecting and finally gives me the "problem loading the page" error.

    Another option is to "use FTP to upload your MT export file as mt-export.txt in your /wp-content/ directory and then click “Import mt-export.txt”." I have no idea how to do that or even find those directories.

    I read http://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_from_Movable_Type_to_WordPress but it is incomprehensible to me.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. ReadyMadeWeb
    Posted 3 years ago #

    You may be experiencing a problem with PHP execution time or memory limitations imposed by your host. I'd suggest contacting network solution's tech team to get support on these two topics.

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