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  • stopkatie


    Hello, I have a ton of problems attempting to import my blog from blogger. For some reason I never have an easy time with WordPress, I’d have to say it lies when it says it’s actually easy – BECAUSE IT’S NOT!

    Why do I get so many errors all the time? I installed it correctly, I haven’t changed a thing except the wp_config like I’m supposed to. Is wordpress giving me corrupt files? Why won’t it import my blog? I am continuously getting the same stupid error message and there is NOTHING I can do. There is no help for this what-so-ever on these forums. Please, someone help me, I’ve been trying for so long and all I can do is get frustrated and a headache and give up.

    There is no hint, no clue as to how to fix this. There is no help, please, help me. Here is my error message I keep getting:
    Nothing was imported. Had you already imported this blog?

    And then nothing – NOTHING IMPORTS! What can I do? Why can’t WordPress import my blog? I have everything set up correctly, it’s just mind baffling. As though I’m magically supposed to know what the [moderated] is going on with this. Here are two screen shots of some random error messages I have no fucking clue how to fix. It’s making me cry:


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  • shadow




    Here’s my problem with WordPress – I actually used Method #2 months ago. I realized I was not ready to use WordPress and suicided all my wordpress posts I had imported. Then I deleted WordPress off my website and decided when I was ready again I’d go for it – and hopefully WordPress would be able to import the new blogger.

    So now WordPress has the feature to import the new blogger blogs. I was quite excited, but it won’t import it!

    I’m pissed that I may have to use this plug-in again when really WordPress should just import it for me. It has the power, it has the feature, why won’t it import!

    I don’t want to use the plugin! I want wordpress to import for me since it says it will!

    What I want is to be able to use this “Magic Button” as wordpress calls it and import, as it says it will. It won’t. It’s a liar. How can I import my new blogger without having to use this third party plugin?



    By the way I have close to 3,000 posts to import, the plug in on that site won’t import 3,000 posts. Is there another blogging tool like wordpress that isn’t an [moderated]?



    Does anyone know? ANYONE? I seriously need help. Is it something with my blogger blog? How does this work does it import from the feed? Because my feed hasn’t been working for a while.

    If we could just have an actual conversation on here, if someone would be polite enough to actually try to make my day, that’d be great. Because there is no info on this. If this helps, when I go to import my blog it claims there are 0 posts to import. Why?



    You could get in touch with the people at the following who may be able to help you with your demands.

    We are mere volunteers on here and do not have ALL the answers ALL the time.

    WP-Pro’s mailing list:

    Also consider joining and soliciting professional assistance from the wp-pro mailing list:



    So how does this work, I sign up and get a bunch of emails in my inbox? Could I not get the emails because I don’t have space for my inbox to be clogged up. I just want some very simple help. I don’t understand why wordpress does not provide this.



    Well Shadow, let me just say thank you for your help and that I am an idiot. I was supposed to switch my blog to blogspot first. I promise, I’m not usually an idiot, but sometimes you read something over and over and you still don’t realize the answer is right in front of you. Thanks my friend.



    Frustration doesn’t make you an idiot:) Hope you get it sorted…

    stopkatie and shadow,
    Many thanks for this informative thread. I could use a little clarification before I do the import. stopkatie, you say that you had to “switch your blog to blogspot first”. My concern is the affect on the existing blog. Do paths change? Are paths restored when you make the import into the final free-standing WordPress?

    It seems to me that you have to make a quick export/import from the existing free-standing, FTP type Blogger blog to the Blogspot blog, and then quickly export/import this into WordPress. I don’t quite get how all this is done without the risk of breaking the site completely and having to restore it from backups.
    Thanks for any help!

    It appears that the claim is made the the middle step of creating a Blogspot account and a WordPress account for hosted blogging has been eliminated from WordPress starting in version 2.2. (see footnote on techcounter’s page:
    I follow techcounter’s instructions for changing my Blogger Time Stamp formatting and archiving settings, but still with no joy. I still get the dread: “Nothing was imported. Had you already imported this blog?” warning.
    I have indeed at least tried to import, but the results remain Posts 0/0 and Comments 0/0.
    I am using WordPress 2.5 on a test site and trying to import my FTP Blogger blog into it.

    Just a gentle nudge. I could use some help with this problem. Should I start a new thread?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Importing from Blogger should be a snap nowadays. It imports directly and works fairly well.

    However, you still have to switch it to a address if you were using FTP publishing for your blog. This is an internal blogger thing that we can’t workaround.

    So, if you used FTP publishing, switch it to blogspot temporarily, then just use the built-in blogger importer. Should work.

    See here:

    Thanks Otto42. I’ll give it a try.

    I am on a blogspot account, and I have tried import on both a hosted blog and on my own bosted website.

    authorize times out… and clear does not seem to do anything either.

    I used Google account settings to add the authorizations, but how do i trigger the import process from wordpress now?

    I have the same problem. I have tried both FTP and hosted one as pdekyvere did. However, nothing at all. By the way, as stopkatie says it shows me 0/0 or nothing at all after first authorization request. However, reseting and rerequesting the authorization makes the wordpress see the blogger blogs and their count. However import is not successful sadly.

    In addition to that, I tried to use “Import from RSS” with the full RSS feed of my blogger blog. It did not work neither. Nothing yet 🙁

    This is my third edt: Is there any known version of the blogger import script? At least we could use that one overwriting new one? (Of course with the current blogger API) Or is it possible we could use old blogger API -if exists, the one working with blogger script?

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