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  • I am trying to import my blogspot blog to WP.

    I get to the point where I can hit “The Magic Button”. It shows that it imports 1/570 posts and 1/634 comments, when the “importing” button changes to “set authors”.

    I have tried to “set authors”, but I have NO post imported and nothing changes (i.e. no posts come over)

    I have tried doing nothing (not moving from the page or doing any other task on my computer), for over an hour, to the same result.

    I have restarted 10 times.

    I looked at other forums, and it seems the only problem was ftp vs. blogspot server, but I have never had the ftp server.

    Please help!

    Host: Bluehost
    blogspot url:

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  • Same thing here!! Seems like a lot of people are having this problem. If anybody has a suggestion, please let us know!

    I played around in the wordpress code and changed $parser = xml_parser_create_ns(); to $parser = xml_parser_create(); around line 920 in blogger.php

    Not sure if that helps the wordpress people make an official solution, but it is allowing me to import again.

    I did as schmidt00 suggested and the import tool worked like a charm. Thanks so much!



    My blogger blogs were all FTP to a host, so I had to convert them into a blogspot blog in order to import into WordPress. I didn’t have difficulty doing this on blogger’s end, so that was easy enough. I was having a lot of problems importing from my new temp blogspot blog into wordpress, however, (about 1200 posts) and I have tried nearly everything suggested by people, including:

    • import into a blog first before importing it into my hosted wordpress blog
    • various changes to code (including schmidt00’s suggestion above)
    • switched hosts (not sorry I did that, but it made one problem go away and still left me unable to export my blogspot blog into any wordpress system with success
    • a bunch of other stuff (check my support posts on this forum to see)
    • Anyway, what I realized was the problem was this (at least so far): when I was importing blogger posts into my blogspot blog, I wasn’t telling them to be published. I didn’t see the need; they were still there in the blogspot blog, labeled as “imported”. I also had a lot of draft posts that were never published that imported as well, and were labeled “imported draft.” I was then doing an import into wordpress and finding that it would only take a handful of those posts. So I did the things I listed above, but to no avail. I then noticed it was only importing the “imported drafts” and I got to thinking maybe I needed to publish all the posts.

      I published the first 100, with them now sitting in my blogspot account like a “normal” post without the imported tag. I then imported into wordpress and the published posts went in just fine, as did the imported drafts. The unpublished posts still labeled “imported” over at blogspot, however, would not import.

      It never occurred to me that I would have to be importing published blogspot posts, that merely imported but unpublished posts would not do, but it seems that is the case. I am also able to import directly into the wordpress hosted account, and not go through the hassle of a temp account first.

      I’m still in the midst of the import, but this seems to be the case. So far. I hope.

    Is there any way to get an official answer?

    I have about half of 300 posts imported and it decided to stop. I can’t get it to import any of the posts more recent than Dec 2007.

    I really didn’t want to get into hacking into code. I am just doing a proof of concept mockup so the museum I volunteer at might decide on whether to use WordPress for their website needs. Currently their blog is on Blogger and it would be a great bonus to get the blog moved over.

    The import tool seems so very much like it is perfect. But it stalled halfway through and I can’t find anything telling me how to troubleshoot the issue.

    Try the import again, but first see if your host allows you to change the php.ini and change the following:

    upload_max_filesize = 2M ##increase this to something plenty big enough to allow the import of whatever size your exported file is##

    memory_limit = 64M
    max_execution_time = 60

    That should make it so your import will go through smoothly.

    Hi. My goal is to move my blogger blog, which was being published via ftp, to WordPress which is installed on my server. First, I had blogger convert it to Then, I used the blogger import tool in WordPress admin. The import screen took 5 minutes to load, but it shows the correct number of posts to be imported (1400). I click the import button. The button changes to “importing” for one second, but immediately changes to “continue.” None of the posts import and it says 0/0. Changing the max_execution_time and memory_limit in my htaccess file didn’t help. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    The same problem here.
    I tried all solutions posted here, nothing worked.
    The import process is stuck at 25/204 …
    Wordpress must find a good way to import content from blogger.

    Having the same issue, even after changing the blogger.php as suggested above.

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