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  • Hello,

    I was trying to implement the Pinterest Profile Widget into my sidebar. But if I do, it won’t show up.
    In the instructions they are telling me to paste this code here in my sidebar, which I did

    And I am supposed to paste this here before the </BODY>:
    <script async defer src=”//”></script>

    I am not quite sure, where I can find the </BODY>. In the WordPress Dashboard I went to Design > Theme-Editor > footer.php and pasted the second code before </BODY>. Is that correct or what am I supposed to do, to make this work? Help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  • Did you go to Appearance → Widgets and drag the Pinterest widget into your sidebar? Or do you not see a Pinterest widget at all?

    I’m surprised that the plugin’s installation doesn’t automatically insert the script for you. Can you please post a link to the plugin’s page so we can see the instructions?

    As a general rule, you shouldn’t modify the theme code using the Theme Editor, because the next time you update the theme to the next version (because of bug fixes, security patches, etc), your changes will be lost. The recommended procedure is to create a child theme and make your changes to a copy of the theme file.

    In this case, though, you can also use a plugin to add the script. Take a look at Header and Footer Post Injections. This plugin will allow you to add whatever code you want either to the header or footer without you having to muck around with the theme code. Once you install and activate the plugin, you go to Settings → Header and Footer, scroll down to the bottom, and you’ll see an input field labeled BEFORE THE </BODY> CLOSING TAG (FOOTER). That’s where you should paste the line of code.

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