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  • awesome plugin, but the one-click install context menu does not work for many plugins, because they are zipped with a folder within a folder. so one-click thinks they are invalid.

    please update one-click so it can look one folder deeper, to see if there’s a plugin at the next folder down in the zip file.


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  • I found the same problem with one plugin that I have installed and update regularly on more than one blog; StatPress

    The plugin is great, but with rapid development and frequent updates, the inability for OneClick (or the One Click Plugin Updater plugin for that matter) to handle the files being in a folder in the archive is annoying, but it isn’t an issue for OneClick, it’s for the other developers.

    The FAQ on the wordpress SVN does make the suggestion to developers to leave thier files in the root/trunk and not in a separate directory root/trunk/folder. This is because the SVN builds the ZIP file dynamically from root/trunk into it’s own folder in the ZIP file.

    I found the simplest solution, download the file to my computer, unzip it, move into the plugin directory and ZIP the interior folder.

    I then use the new ZIP file with OneClick to install from my local copy, correctly zipped.

    Asking to change OneClick, or the SVN for that matter, to alter their methods, because developers can’t or won’t follow standards, is like asking web designers to build two web pages, one for internet explorer, one for all of the other browsers which are standards compliant…

    wait… bad example…

    ha ha. yeah, developers SHOULD follow the dang standard!

    still, they don’t, and while it’s not “fair” to ask Anirudh Sanjeev to handle such deviants, such deviants are extremely common. it seems like many or most plugins i download suffer this.

    so if Anirudh wants his plugin to be as compatible as possible, he might want to think about this.

    sure, i can just download the zip, unzip it, and use one-click to upload it– but then it’s no longer a one-click procedure.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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