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  • Hi

    I am stuck on the install of WordPress.

    I start with the WordPress Welcome page to the installation. I can then click the “First Step” link. I then get the Step 1 screen. I enter the Title and Email and click “Continue to Step 2”.

    After clicking the “Continue…” button I am returned to the WordPress Welcome screen to the installation, rather than proceeding to Step 2.

    I have tested mysql db connection everything appears to be working fine.

    Any help appreciated.

    PHP 5.2 MySQL 5.0 LiteServe 2.7

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  • Post me the install link and I’ll have a look for you.

    username – wordpress
    I have set the pw to 12345678

    thanks for the help!

    Just had a look, bit of an odd error.

    Can you try the install on port 80? If I get time, I’ll try here using port 4661.

    IF the install worked, would it not be better to quickly remove the username and password these forums? (And change the password quickly.)

    Thanks MWD!

    I have set to port 80, the only reason I set to 4661 as this is a test server and not my main server. I have changed it though to serve it up on port 80 now, so you can try (I don’t think it is going to make a difference though).

    Diane, no worries in order to solve this problem since I have opened up the wp webserver folder, anyone read the wp-config file. Once I have this problem solved, I will change the pw 🙂

    thanks for the help

    Still no go. Can you have a look your your error logs? Try the install again yourself and paste any error messages found in the log for that time.

    By stroke of luck I was meddling around in LiteServe (webserver app).

    I changed the association of .php file extension to php-cgi.exe (from php5isapi.dll) and clicked refresh on the install.php?step=2 and it worked. It created all the database tables and I can see the main blog pages….but now I am stuck again 🙂

    When I try to login to wp-login.php, I am encountering a similar problem as before. I enter the admin usernname and then the pw, click LOGIN, and it rests the page to wp-login with empty fields as it usually appears when loading. If I enter an incorrect pw, I get an error msg.

    I am guessing it has something to do with PHP and LiteServe.

    In LiteServe, I have the php file extension associated to the file php5isapi.dll. I have tried associating it to php.exe and php-cgi.exe, but sometimes index.php (main blog page) will not load and wp-login.php never loads, sometimes you see wp-login flicker quickly on the screen and it is then replaced with the usual “this page cannot be displayed”.

    I have spoken to the author of LiteServe, he reckons you should be able to associate any of the 3 – php.exe, php5isapi.dll; php-cgi.exe

    I am a newbie to PHP, CGI and ISAPI so I really do not know which is best.

    Any suggestions?

    Any reason why you’re using LiteServe over say IIS or Apache?

    I haven’t used LiteServe myself, is it possible to use Apache? I think IIS has some issues running WordPress too.

    Let me know if you find the problem!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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