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  • I’ve tried various plugins, but cannot seem to get this thing to accept youtube videos!

    Please somebody help me out with this perdicament…

    I use 2.5 if that helps at all

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  • Ok, now I have updated to 2.6 and am still experiencing this issue.

    I direly need some help.

    I use a plugin that makes it really easy. I found it in the WP Plugins listing but this is the link I have at the ready. Go to

    The plugin is very easy to use, download, unpack, upload to your plugins directory, and activate.

    There’s options in your Admin section that lets you toggle what types of video you want to use. Youtube is an option. Plus there’s some options you can choose for size and whatnot.

    When you want to include a video in your post you write a post like normal. Then you click the button (it shows in your toolbar right above where you write your post) for Youtube and paste in the URL to the Youtube video. The plugin does the rest.

    This may not be the solution you wanted but it will let you share Youtube vids on your blog. You can see it in action on my blog at

    I believe I have already tried this plugin, but to no avail did it help…

    I will try again I suppose and let you know how it went.

    edit: nope…

    Hi there, smart you tube is about the easiest plugin I have found, you can custmize the look of the video border etc.
    once activated and you’ve selected settings, just add the full url to the video you want and change the url to httpv
    hope it helps.

    PS I use it with 2.5.1 and 2.6

    As you can see here, when I use the embedding code straight from Youtube itself, I do indeed get this Flash file outline… but when I look at it in my blog ( it just doesn’t show up. Not even the code is there… I’ve tried this in both IE and FF, neither browsers display it.

    Please somebody help me…

    mikey1, I just tried that, although it did not work… Just displays the full address (including v) in text.

    Google has failed me this once, please somebody…

    Cmon people… I can’t get my video blog going unless I can put videos on it.

    Hi again, I just tested it with wordpress 2.5.1 and 2.6 and it works whether the address is entered in html or visual mode.Have you made your choices for border etc. in the settings for smart you tube?
    I would check in your profile to make the visual editor your default, it makes life simpler.
    hope you get there.

    madman340, pls tell what does work, and what not, and what you tried. (more info pls)

    I can’t get video working at all.
    even if i embed something like
    it just shows just that on my site. 🙁

    Do I have to activate something somewhere first?

    ^^ nm. fixed 🙂
    (too many brackets)
    viper doesn’t work yet (the buttons don’t show up in wysiwyg mode, in html mode it does), but at least i get the embedding working now

    No need for a plugin.
    Just this bit of code and it will be ok.

    `<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash"
    width="425" height="364">
    <param name="FlashVars" value=""/>

    Where xxxx is the number of the video. And is fully standard compliant.
    Hope it help. Michel.

    By the way I have SmartYoutube running on my site and it work like a charm. Code is fully xhtml1.1 compliant and validate.

    see to see it in action if you want.

    Yes what spoutnik said is correct. Use the HTML code. Its in the embed section in every video page on youtube, metacafe etc..

    I use no plugin at

    Oh well, one can only try 🙂

    I believe I have already tried this plugin, but to no avail did it help…

    I will try again I suppose and let you know how it went.

    Then you’re doing something wrong. 😉 My plugin has 75000 downloads and few people report any problems.

    In what way did it not work? Can you be more descriptive?

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