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    Hi, we are trying to get WordPress 3.0 to install and work under an existing IIS website so that it comes up under a subdirectory when browsing the site like:

    We are using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer and have tried two different installs of WordPres. The first time through, when trying to intstall to an existing site, the platform installer doesn’t let us put in a path to choose the subdirectory, so it won’t proceed. So we choose ‘new site’ and then changed the path to be in a new subdirectory called /blog/ under the websites root directory. This install won’t work at all – nothing in WordPress will load – we can’t get the config page to come up after install – all “page not found” errors in IIS even navigating directly to or – pages cannot be found. It’s like IIS cannot find or run any wordpress/php pages in this site.

    So we ran the Platform Installer again, chose another new site, and this time chose ‘default site’ (wasn’t being used in IIS) and let it install to localhost in inetpub. After the install, WordPress will come up and we can configure it, and browse and use wordpress in localhost.

    So now our problem is how do we get to point to that working install? I tried creating a virtual directory in IIS for the correct site, point it to the wordpress install on localhost, set default document to index.php, but same problem as above, when browsing to (the virtual directory) – the pages cannot be found.

    We need to figure out best way to install and get WordPress working in subdirectory of an IIS site – the main website uses aspx and .net, and I know WordPress is running on PHP. Wondering if this is causing a conflict in the IIS settings for the one site.

    Thanks for any help on getting this working quickly and with best practices so the two can live together seamlessly and the blog can be accessed within the main site easily in a subdirectory.

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