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  • I’m new to WordPress and I’m use a template called Black-Letterhead that I downloaded.
    At the end of each post, there’s a comment link. If you click it, it will take you to the top of that post’s page and you have to go all the way to the bottom to post your comment. From the URL I think there’s supposed to be a “comments” <div in there somewhere.
    That’s not so bad. There’s also a link on that page for trackbacks. If you click, you don’t get the correct URL printed on the page and the URL that appears in the browser URL display is wrong.
    I looked at the code and found a way to display the trackback URL at the end of each post on the main page. When I used that to trackback, it worked fine. The problem is that the HTML code being generated for that comment page points to pagename/trackback/ but when you click the link it drops off the /trackback/ portion.
    I’m trying to figure out which PHP file generates the HTML for the comment page and why it’s not generating the right code. I would change it to just print the trackback URL right on that page if I could, since I know the trackbacks work if you can display the correct URL using trackback_rdf().

    Maybe I should just get a new template set?

    Can anyone check my site at and make some suggestions?

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  • Trackback links are not meant to be clicked.

    I know that.
    It’s the word “trackback” that needs to be clicked on the comment page.

    A new template is what the doctor recommends 🙂

    You can also modify the single.php file under your theme directory to solve it.

    Thanks, angsman.
    For some reason the single.php file doesn’t show up in the list of files under Edit Theme, so that’s why I couldn’t find the code.
    But once I could get the file into the general file editor, I was able to change it to simply display the Trackback URL.
    I was also able to add a <div> id="comments" </div> right before the
    <?php comments_template(); ?> statement so that now when you click on “comments” on the main page it takes you directly to the comments box.

    Another template would have been nice but there’s no guarantee that is any less fubar than this one.

    I still don’t know why the single.php file doesn’t show up on the edit template page.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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