• Hi Matteo,

    I’m sorry but I am unable to get to square one with the plug-in. I’ve actually tried three others this evening in an attempt to find a really nice player for all the music sites that I manage.

    I am not seeing the player in the toolbar, even when I bring an mp3 into the post.

    I don’t have the other players active except for a video player.

    can you suggest anything for me?

    thank you and looking forward.


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  • Plugin Author pupunzi


    If you mean the configuration button on the TinyMCE tool-bar it becomes active once you select or just place the cursor on a link to an mp3 file. Anyway that button let you change the default parameters you defined in the settings panel of the component. The player should be visible anyway on the front end page.
    If it doesn’t show on the front end site than it means there are some conflict either with the theme you are using or with one of the plugin you’ve installed.

    Do you have errors on the javascript console?


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