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  • Resolved Jeffrey de Wit


    I’m using a multisite install and so have “My Sites” in my toolbar.

    When I’m browsing the admin section with my keyboard, I can expand the “My Sites” menu with Enter. However, when I then select either “Network Admin” or any of my sites and hit Enter again the submenu closes and nothing happens.

    Funnily enough: When I then hover over “My Sites” with my mouse, the “Network Admin” submenu does appear right away. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case when I try to tab back into the “My Sites” submenu.

    Occurs in Chrome 36 and Firefox 31. Haven’t tried IE yet.

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  • Did this work on 3.9.x?

    Doesn’t look like it did, actually. 3.9.2 seems to have the same issue.

    Issue appears on IE11 (Win7) also. Tested with the latest trunk.

    *ponder* Okay, so this officially isn’t an alpha/beta bug, but it probably should be made into a trac ticket for accessibility to get on and correct. We don’t have enough Multisiters there, I suspect.

    Jeff, do you know how to make trac tickets?

    I’m fairly new at all this for WordPress and figured I’d use this new RC as a jump in point to contribute. So nope, I don’t. 🙂

    If you can direct me how, even if it’s just a page that tells me, I’m sure I can figure it out though.

    Think I got it :). Let me know if I made any glaring mistakes.


    And you made a patch! Dude, you win 😀 I’m following that ticket now 😀

    We mark posts that have trac tickets as resolved for sanity. It lets mods and volunteers know we don’t have to jump in and find an issue. You should follow the discussion on trac. You can click the ‘Watch’ button on the trac ticket (it’s near the bottom) to get email alerts. If you need to log in, it’s the same ID/password as you use for the forums.

    You can click the ‘Watch’ button on the trac ticket (it’s near the bottom) to get email alerts.

    I guess the creator of a ticket gets alerts even without “watch”ing it. Same applies to someone who has commented unless they choose to block notifications.

    Yeah, I do. I’ll look at fixing my fix later too. 🙂

    Yeah, my reply was meant for everyone else who didnt make the ticket 😀 Much of the time I end up having to make the ticket for ’em 😉

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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