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    Hi all, hopefully I’m making a simple error here. My multi step form is not working as I’d like it to.

    My end goal is to have a 6 step form. As of right now, 2 steps are built in contact form 7. I installed multi-step and activated.

    I then included a hidden field in my first step right before(tried after, as well) my “Next” button.

    I then included the following in the additional settings of my form

    textarea: on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);

    with the replacements needed and Page2.

    When I click Submit to test, however, it tells me that my information has been emailed successfully and resets the form.

    What am I missing here?

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  • I got it to work for the most part. At this point, I’ve gotten the data moving through 5 of the 6 steps. At this point, I enter the data for my 5th step and hit next, and the form emails.

    I made sure to edit the additional settings to the corect thing, and I have the right hidden field on step 5 and step 6. What else could be causing this?

    The odd thing is that when I try to go directy to step 6 on my site, it asks me to fill out the information on the previous page.


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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the late reply, I guess I don’t get notifications from here. If you can get to your 5th step it seems like you know how to set the plugin up, but you may have something missing. Make sure on your 5th form you have [hidden step “5-6”] in your form. Also make sure you have the on_sent_ok settings in the additional settings like you mentioned.

    If you go directly to any step out of order you will get the message to fill out the previous form. This is built in so people can’t bypass previous steps.

    Hi. I’m having the same problem. I have a 2 step form & after hitting “Next” on my first form, it does not redirect to the 2nd page. I have the correct hidden tags on both pages & I have the correct re-direct location in the Additional Settings: on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”

    How did you resolve this???

    Moved the multi-part (part one) to

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    Maybe try refreshing your w3 total cache? or post the code from your forms.

    Lohith M



    Can any body help me out how to create multistep form in step by step wise.. i want two page contact form..

    I tried but unable to follow the steps..

    Not following where to put [hidden step “1-2”] and [hidden step “2-2”]

    In the homepage only i wanted to show both the forms..

    Looking for the great Help!!

    thanks in advance..



    i am trying to get it work but didn’t figure out anything…
    – I have 2 steps form
    – On first form (on page-1) i have written [hidden step “1-2”] and in adittional settings this—> on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”
    – On second form (on page-2) i have written [hidden step “2-2”] and in adittional settings this—> on_sent_ok: “location.replace(‘’);”

    I am developing on localhost and i use XAMPP.

    The problem is that when i hit the “next” button it shows the ajax message that the mail was send, which actually didn’t.
    My other “simple” forms send the email properly but on multu-form i have this problem too.

    Please do you have any idea where i am wrong?



    Just to add…
    when i open the page1 with the form1 loaded the value of the hidden field is “1-2” but after i hit the “next” button (and it wrongly sais that the form was send) the hidden field has nothing as value…

    1. Before click “next”
    <input type=”hidden” name=”step” value=”1-2″ class=”wpcf7-hidden”>

    2 After i click “next” (and it wrongly sais that the form was send)
    <input type=”hidden” name=”step” value=”” class=”wpcf7-hidden”>

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    Please start a new thread if you are still experiencing problems.

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