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    I truly wish this plugin were more like WordPress (works) and less like Facebook (sucks).

    In order to get FB comments on my WordPress site I have to become a Facebook Developer and develop a Facebook App? Really?

    That aside – I have jumped through the flaming hoop of signing up to become a Facebook Developer (with absolutely NO intention of EVER doing ANYTHING to enhance the FB community) and now can not find ANYWHERE the page where I am supposed to register for an App and get my App ID and Super-Secret-Identification Key (back in the day we called it a password, I think).

    If WordPress can put together a 5-minute installation package which builds a fully functional database-driven CMS with an extremely clear wizard to walk any reasonable human being through the process … then how can anyone possibly justify 30 minutes of scouring documentation and clicking around in circles just to put an i-frame with comments on a website?

    This is unquestionably the most horrific experience I have ever had in more than 5 years of working with WordPress!

    Any chance someone could point me to the EXACT page where I can get the App ID and Key?

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  • I agree completely. I tried to use this Plug-in and after some time realized that I was supposed to register as a Facebook developer. Then I tried to do that, but apparently am barred from doing so since I don’t have a cell phone texting plan. Not a word about this weird requirement in the documentation, FAQs or installation of this plug-in. And even if I could get by this silly “only people with cell phone texting plans can register” barrier, I see no instructions anywhere on what to do once I am past that. I mean, really?!?!? This is the best that Facebook can do for the most popular website platform out there????

    I’m by no means an expert but, i am fairly comfortable with creating the basics of FB Apps. I know how daunting it can be initially to get started but really it’s not that difficult.

    I can’t help at all with the fact that you don’t have a Cell Phone text plan .. but i can point you both in the direction of creating an App and getting App ID & Key. The WordPress Plugin then provides links on each tab to take you to the relevant area for your App Settings.

    To create an App, Sign In to FB with your regular account. Then go to
    At the top of the page click the button marked “Apps” > Here you can view your App settings and/or create a New App just by clicking the +Create New App button. Then fill in the blanks. You only need to fill in the most basic of details to get an App ID and Key, if you are stuck on filling these details in, just hover over the ? beside each field, for an explanation.
    That’s the basics, if i can help further i will do my best.
    Good luck !!

    Thanks Tascam … I’m out of the starting blocks but the mission is NOT complete by any means.

    As soon as I committed the App ID and Super-double-secret Key by clicking the Save button, I ended up with 5 lines of php header errors. So the current version of this plugin is not happy about being run on the current version of WP.

    Anyone have a plugin that works? I’m open to suggestions!

    (There’s a reason why Facebook starts with an ‘F’)

    Can we simply link to facebook without going through all this? Is this just to show the posts on our website?

    /All we want is to link to facebook.


    Plugin Author Niall Kennedy


    Kristinl55803: you can link to Facebook in a HTML widget without any plugins. If you have more specific questions please open a new support thread.

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