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    Hello! I am pretty sure this question has been answered before but I can’t find it and I need to solve this problem ASAP. When I try tu subscribe to my page I get redirected to my default WP page but I don’t get and confirmation email. Do you know what’s going on? Emails are sent from an address on the same domain and I do receive test emails so I don’t think it’s a problem with my host. Thanks!

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  • @alfredo,

    This may be down to site caching or maybe plugins configuration.

    If you use a caching plugin or a theme with built in caching try disabling the plugin or switching to one of the default WordPress themes. If that works it’s a case of resolving the conflict.

    If it doesn’t help you need to look at the main plugin settings and maybe the Widget settings and make sure that the plugin is being directed to the correct page. In the plugin settings it’s under the Appearance heading and in the Widget it’s where it says “Post form content to page”.

    Hi Mattyrob, thanks a lot for your answer. I just enabled AJAX and now it works. Thanks a lot anyway!

    I had a similar problem, and enabling Ajax fixed it for me as well. This may be worth putting on the FAQ page, as if I hadn’t seen this post I doubt I would have solved the problem

    I was trying to set up simple subscription via widget. With Ajax enabled the users got the confirmation email, without it they didn’t.

    @alfredo / AndyL99,

    The only reason I can think that this might be necessary if if there was either plugin or theme caching in operation on your sites that was blocking the normal mechanisms of Subscribe2 but caching is bypassed for JavaScript. Strange though as this should not be needed on a simple install.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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