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  • Hi !

    I am just trying to publish a page on my wordpress site.using visual editor,i put some lines and published.Although i kept a space between lines in editor ,i cant see that space on actual publish webpage.

    Searching on google 4 solution,i found some one telling that ,i need to press shift & enter key simultaneously to create a gap between the lines.i even tried that but to no avail.
    please some one help me.please see link to my wordpress page where i have problem.all lines are so close by ,no gaps.

    one more question,if in editor i keep a gap between 2 lines,why same dont appear on published page,why its so complicated.even in ordinary websites we have no problem getting gaps in between lines,it happens automatically,like if we keep gap in editing,it appears on published page.

    so whats the problem in reputed CMS like wordpress.please Any1 solve my problem.thanx in advance.

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