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    1. There’s actually two plugins available after downloading this plugin. One with version number and one without. Should I activate both?

    2. If I don’t tick “Create Public Facebook Event”, plugin does nothing. And if I tick the box, it gives me a error “You must provide an access token on the SFCe Create Event Settings page.” So where do I get access token?

    I’m using SFC plugin without any problems. I’ve linked my FB account to my WordPress account. I’ve tried to connect the plugins with new developer app and had no luck in posting new event to FB. And of course tried to activate an de-activate plugins.

    I’m doing something wrong but what. Any ideas?

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    I did some more testing and noticed that if my settings for an event are:

    Use Fan Page? FALSE
    Privacy Setting? SECRET
    Create Public Facebook Event ‘check’

    then event gets posted on FB events page while still giving “You must provide access token…” error. Obviously event is private and it shows up on my profile page.

    So problem lies in this access token…

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    You get the access token from Facebook. Paste this URL into your browser:

    Before loading the facebook page, make sure you change YOUR_APP_ID to your app id. Get you app ID from the SFC settings page.

    Also, you must change YOUR_URL to the URL for your web site that is linked to your app. E.g. my app is for my website ( so I replace YOUR_URL with

    Once you’ve changed those two parameters, get your broswer to load the Facebook URL. This might cause a popup from facebook to appear, and once the process is complete your browser will be redirected by Facebook to the URL you supplied.

    The access token will be embedded in the URL in your browser’s address bar. It starts after “access_token=” and ends before “&expires_in”

    e.g. Facebook redirected my browser to “|9.9aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa__.

    So my access token would be 99999999999999|9.9aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa__.99999.9999999999. 9-999999999|xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Full Facebook documentation here:

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