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  • I’ve “quick installed” wordpress on my new host site but the link that the “successfully installed” email gives me does not work. I can find wordpress in my file manager but can’t do anything with it. Any advice? At pres the web page only has a basic message done through the old host. I know nothing about web creation and was hoping quick install would help!!

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  • I’m on a tiny wee island off the west coast of Scotland and stuggling to sort out a web site for local use – can anyone help please?

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    Dear adiant, I guess I’m making my case worse by replying but I genuinely want to thank you for your response – I had no idea about the bumping thing and I shall be patient and see what happens. Island life doesn’t prepare you for forums!!! Thanks again, Ronnie

    It sounds like your domain name is not pointing at your web hosting. If you recently changed where your domain name points, it can take up to 48 hours for the entire world to be updated. Generally, you will see the change reflected yourself within 4-12 hours.

    Best way to test my theory is to leave WordPress out of the picture. Create and upload a file called test.txt to the root of your new web site on your new web hosting. Be sure to put something in test.txt, like perhaps “Hello world”. Then type and make sure you see Hello World.

    Thank you, I’ve given that a try now and I’m getting the same message as before “Oops! This link appears to be broken.” which makes me assume that the your suggestion that my “domain is not pointing at your web post” is correct. I reckon I have 2 possibilities – caused by my lack of experience, sorry – I’ve either messed up changing to my new host or I was wrong to guess that putting the test.txt file just into my file manager is not what was meant by “to the root of your web site on your new web hosting”. I signed up with my new host about 24 hrs ago and entered my existing domain whilst doing so. Hopefully my domain will be pointing the right way in the morning! Thank you very much for your help, Ronnie

    Ah, you said something that probably explains your problem: “I signed up with my new host about 24 hrs ago and entered my existing domain whilst doing so.”

    You missed an essential step: going to wherever your domain name is (was originally) registered, and changing where it points to. These are known as Name Servers and must be the Name Server addresses given to you by your new web hosting company.

    Once you have done that, your 48 hours begins.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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