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  • I’ve been working on getting Livesearch ( working, but I can’t.
    I’ve followed all the directions, I have my livesearch.js, I have CSS, I have a livesearch.php, I’ve modifyed the header, I’ve added the body tag and this is my searchform

  • <form style="margin: 10px 0; padding: 0;" onsubmit="return liveSearchSubmit()" id="searchform" name="searchform" method="get" action="livesearch.php" autocomplete="off">
    <input type="text" id="livesearch" name="s" value="" onkeypress="liveSearchStart()" onblur="setTimeout('closeResults()',2000); if (this.value == '') {this.value = '';}" onfocus="if (this.value == 'search blog archives') {this.value = '';}" class="inputboxes" />
    <div id="LSResult" style="display: none;"><div id="LSShadow"></div></div>
  • If anyone here has successfully installed Livesearch on their WP blog, can they tell me what I’m doing wrong? My site is

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  • take care of ur livesearch.js. change “q” to “s”.

    Yup, I done that, but still it doesn’t work.

    you’ve done? but i found this in ur .js file:
    if (liveSearchLast != document.forms.searchform.q.value) {
    if (liveSearchReq && liveSearchReq.readyState < 4) {

    Oh thanks! I thought we just had to do a little section. I did it but still, it isn’t working.

    I wrote up a tutorial for adding livesearch to WordPress 1.5.1 here

    @dss: Your livesearch implementation doesn’t work on my Firefox 1.0.4. It does work on IE 6. The links that show up have a hover color of white which makes them disappear against the background, might want to change that.


    yep can confirm Cypher’s response. Not sure about IE, too lazy to try with that but it isn’t working work with FF.

    Now I did it another way…it works in both IE and FF but it’s….a little messy 🙂 The keyboard navigation works, but in reverse (you have to press down and then go backwards!) and I need to make the CSS more palatable.

    couple things:

    1. IE

    LiveSearch simply doesn’t work in IE.

    I have not found a resource where it’s been made to function in IE. When i do, i’ll update.

    2. Firefox.

    <strike>It does work. I thought the same thing (see issues at the bottom of the entry.)
    a cache clearing and a couple reloads and it works just fine.</strike>

    You’re right.

    It doesn’t work in Firefox either.


    Back to the drawing board, I’ve definitely missed something…


    just to add Livesearch does work in IE6

    Right, I always forget that.

    As a mac head, we got IE 5.2 and that was that…

    well I don’t think you’ll be missing IE 🙂

    i already have a livesearch on my plugins my concern is i want to put a value on the text box whis is “search blogs archive” i want it inside the box.

    do you have any idea on which part of the file im going to edit it?

    im already using beta 2 it has a little error but i think its fine coz it still searching for what im looking for. my concern is on my second paragraph.

    huh? nobody wants to help me? 🙁

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