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    Looking forward to getting NextGen gallery plugin to work. Looks awesome!

    Having an issue. I have a page that I’ve inserted a gallery onto. When I preview the page and click on an image, it loads on a separate page. I may have overlooked it, but is there any documentation that shows what some of the plugin options are about? I have lightbox selected as the style.

    Here are some of the particulars:

    WordPress up to date? Yes.
    NextGEN up to date? Yes

    (please confirm the following, with your server host tech) :
    MySQL up to date (5.2.4)? 5.1.39
    PHP up to date (5.0)? 5.2.17
    The mod_rewrite Apache module activated? Waiting to hear back from host.
    PHP Safe Mode OFF? Waiting to hear back from host.

    and if you’re willing to share:
    Who are you hosted with? dreamhost
    What theme are you running? prime press
    Which plugins do you have installed and activated? I have many installed, but have disabled them all.

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  • mod_rewrite is enabled.
    PHP Safe Mode is off.

    Lately I’ve been recommending the following :

    Now I use jQuery Lightbox (balupton edition).

    Make sure in Gallery->Options->Effects had the following setting :

    JavaScript Thumbnail effect: Lightbox

    Link Code line: rel=”lightbox[%GALLERY_NAME%]”

    You’ll see the download.

    After the plugin has been installed you find jQuery Lightbox in the setting section of the admin bar.

    Good luck.

    I am having the same problem, except it used to work for me. I’ve got it set up as image list when I insert it into a page. I’m not sure when it stopped. What makes it stranger is I have a “test blog” where it DOES work. So I know it’s not an issue with my server.

    In trying to troubleshoot, I’ve disabled all plugins except nextgen gallery, and changed to twenty-eleven default theme, and it still doesn’t work. So it’s not an issue with a plugin or my theme.

    I’ve looked at the source code of both my regular blog & test blog to see if I could figure anything out, and even though the CSS for the plugin is in the source code, the javascript isn’t. My test blog shows these 3 nextgen gallery scripts in the source code:


    my regular blog doesn’t, but I’ve checked my nextgen gallery folder, and they are there. So for some reason, they aren’t being called. I’m using the latest version of both wordpress & nextgen gallery, although I was having this problem with the previous version of wordpress also. I don’t know if I have a corrupt file somewhere that’s causing this or what it could be. I’ve spent days trying to figure it out.

    I really don’t want to install another plugin because I use nextgen gallery in my header with JJ Nextgen JQuery cycle, and I already have too many plugins.

    How can I tell what is causing the javascript not to be called?


    Check the settings against test blog and the one with the problem.

    jQuery Lightbox (balupton edition). won’t change anything other than how the images are displayed on the site.

    I have nggallery in my header to and I don’t have any issues.

    Good luck.

    I’ve got the settings in both exactly the same.

    I just didn’t want to add another plugin since I’ve got too many already, but can’t really bare to get rid of them.

    And it seems like there’s a “simple” reason why it’s working on my testblog, and not my regular blog. But other than the troubleshooting I’ve done, I’m not sure how else to figure it out.

    I just uploaded the jQuery Lightbox plugin, and it works. Which is great, so than you for the suggestion. Now I’m even more curious why Nextgen Gallery wasn’t working on its own.

    I’d still like to figure it out, but this is will work in the mean time

    Okay, I downloaded/installed/activated the jQuery Lightbox plugin. Still not working. I’m getting the same results: I open the page where the gallery is, I inserted the gallery as image list, I click on an image and the image loads in a new page. In Gallery > Options > Effects, I have:

    JavaScript Thumbnail effect: Lightbox
    Link Code Line: rel=”lightbox[%GALLERY_NAME%]”

    On the page it shows the gallery properly: [nggallery id=2]

    I still have all plugins disabled except NextGen and the new jQuery plugin. The jQuery plugin I have is as described above…

    Used to overlay images on the current page. Original jQuery Lightbox by Balupton. Version 0.22 | By Pedro Lamas | Visit plugin site


    I could uninstall/reinstall NextGen, but would hate to do that…would lose galleries…

    In fact, I guess that’s what I’ll do, as whatever effect I choose, I get the same result: image opens in new/separate page.

    Won’t let me delete the plugin, after deactivating plugin and deleting galleries…this sucks.

    Make sure your theme has this code in the header.php file:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    I had tried deleting it also, and had problems. So I deactivated it from the plugins, then deleted the files via FTP.

    Make sure you have that code first, because without it, it won’t work.

    Yep, the code is in the header.php file. I’ll ftp in and remove the plugin and try to reinstall…

    Same thing………after reinstall plugin, I checked settings, then created new gallery, added images and inserted onto page. Click on image, it opens in individual page.

    Have you tested with another theme, IAmMadDog? I saw that Traci did.

    Tested with another theme and same thing.

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