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  • Plugin Author Mathieu Chartier


    I solved the problem with the member who had told me the concern and since then I have not changed anything. I am surprised that the problem comes back. Do you have a screenshot to send me to I fix the problem?

    Plugin Author Mathieu Chartier


    I just tested the plugin in English (UK and US only because I have no translation to other languages), I saw only a sentence in French in the backoffice (“Titre de la vignette” instead of “Thumbnail title”).
    I do not not see where your problem and I find it unfortunate to note 1/5 to my plugin so that you could write to me to solve the possible problems …

    I am French and I created my plugins in French (so the screenshots are in French). I could very well do not offer translation but I do it, for free! So you can translate if there is a problem, it is the goal of POEdit, I can not translate for everyone.

    I’m not saying that the plugin is perfect, this is only version 1.2.3 , but I do it for free to help the community. I am very angry when I see sometimes unjustified harsh notes.
    I invite you to create your own plugins in this case the PHP code and WordPress is not limited only to certain persons …

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    I can’t find anything rawsta has said that was harsh and unjustified, are you sure you’re posting in the right thread?

    Plugin Author Mathieu Chartier


    I am sure of myself. Rawsta said my plugin mixes French and English, but this is wrong (except screenshots that are actually French, but that’s okay because I ‘m French …).

    So I take a note of 1/5 for a mistake I do not see in my tests (on several websites that use the plugin, and I have several screenshots as evidence if needed …).

    I ‘m not saying Rawsta is lying, I guess he does not invent what he says. I’m just saying that in all my tests, I do not see the mistake he quotes me so I doubt the problem (knowing that I had already solved before).

    Moreover, there is a translation system with POEdit so if there are problems, it can be solved by each person with the software. I translated in English but I will not do more for my next plugins if it’s to take me bad notes, everything will be in French in this case …

    I do not understand your rating Rawsta, version 1.3 works perfectly on my website.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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