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  • not clear enough instructions on how to get the widget to actually display after activating it. should be crystal clear.

    the php code didn’t work for me. all i want to do is get the shortcode or the string of HTML/CSS/PHP code that I nee to input into one of my pages. Shouldn’t be this hard.

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  • Shouldn’t you contact author for help/advice first before giving it 1 star for hard work?

    So disappointing to see users like you.

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    It’s disappointing to download a plug-in and struggle for more than 30 minutes to simply get the plugin to display on a live web page. I shouldn’t have to contact technical support to figure out the first part of the process.

    The shortcodes should be in the “installation” tab and your FAQ, etc.

    There are also basic things like type size, font, and width/height of the iframe that are not easily customizable.

    Why don’t you create your own plugin for free and share with other WP users then? If you feel like an exert in usability put your knowledge to help WP community.

    Your 1 star rating will not help the author but only discourage him to improve the plugin. Give him 5 stars and share your advice, so he has a motivation to improve it.

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    So I should give a 5-star rating to a plugin that wasn’t user friendly? That makes no sense.

    Giving it 5 stars then encourages more people to download the plug-in, which I can’t advocate for, since I think the plugin could definitely use some improvement. Hence my feedback and suggestions.

    And if a 1-star rating hurts the developer’s feelings and discourages them from improving their mediocre app, that is not my problem.

    What a useless comment… If you’re not happy with something, in between 1 and 5, there are also 2-3-4 starts… I’ve checked your WP history, looks like you just one of those people who complains for no good reason. Obviously you don’t seem to have ability to research / read what’s available, I would suggest you do something else, WordPress is not your thing for sure, clearly you’ve got some interpersonal issues too. I feel sorry for you.

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