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  • I purchased the premium version of this plugin with high hopes. Instead, it’s been nothing but trouble from the moment it was installed. I have record of back and forth emails between me and support for the entire 30 day trial period; all of it for the same issue–I cannot get the social icons to display properly. I’m not trying to get them to do something they aren’t designed to do either. The plugin simply won’t save what I put in. Support has gone in and adjusted my style sheets, still doesn’t work. If the actual developers can’t get this to work how is the average user supposed to? And when I finally threw up my hands and said ‘ENOUGH’, they refused to honor a refund because it was outside of 30 days (and only by a few days at that!). Even though I had record of our constant back and forth throughout the entire trial period!! I’ve never worked so hard to make a purchase work as I have with this one. Purchase at your own risk, because once you do this developer couldn’t care less if it works for you.

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    Hi April,

    This is a very unfair review, for several reasons.

    First of all it pertains to the premium plugin – and doesn’t have anything to do with the free plugin for which you gave the review for here.

    Secondly, we did a lot to fix your issue. We investigated and provided a fix. We had to make adjustments on your theme (nothing to do with the plugin), and it was fixed, to which you replied:

    “YES. Thank you!! I didn’t think to clear the cache because I’ve been doing that a lot lately and I restarted my computer after an update last night so I figured it wouldn’t need it this morning. It’s displaying properly now and I’m really glad because I like this plugin a lot and really want to use it.
    Thanks again for all your help!!
    Have a great day–April”

    Later you came back to us and said:

    “I’m having an issue again, but it isn’t the fault of the plugin [!]. Because of the issue, I had to go in and delete the stylesheet and upload the original, so the custom css you added was lost. I tried copying and pasting what you sent me before but it isn’t working (it spaces the icons out more). Could you help me get the icons together again like you did before? I’d really appreciate it.”

    And so we fixed it again and gave you tips how you can fix it yourself if similar issues pop up.

    Then you came back to us later again because of yet another issue – which wasn’t because of the plugin, as it was working fine before. You made some other changes – maybe in your theme, or maybe installed a conflicting plugin.

    To that we said we’re happy to investigate also what may have caused it, so that we can fix it. Then you didn’t provide us any more detailed information, or access, or a link to where we can see the issue, or an opportunity for a screensharing session, but insisted to get a refund, after 30 days (out of policy), without giving us a chance to fix (out of policy), and with no appreciation that we bent over backwards to fix your issue before.

    To that there are no refunds April. And leaving such reviews here doesn’t help anyone, especially not yourself. You’re a coach, don’t advise your clients to do something similar.

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