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  • I need help contacting WordPress support because we cant get into our company website, because it was hacked a few months ago by the white hat hacker. I am not able to login on the site any longer. I get a 403 Forbidden message

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  • @catbandit,

    Please provide the website URL.

    Do you have access to cPanel? Who is your web hosting provider?

    With this information I can provide steps to getting back into the website.



    Hello, catbandit, & welcome. I’m really sorry this is happening to you. Perhaps providing a site url would help. If you host a website built using WordPress, then WordPress does not have “support”, as it’s free & open source software. Volunteers on the support forum are here to help, but fixing a site compromise requires some technical expertise, which may be difficult to provide in a venue such as this. If your company hosted their site via, which to me seems doubtful, then there is likely support available from them. Providing the site url will help us determine whether or not this is a self-hosted site as opposed to being hosted by (&, if that be the case, you’re in the wrong place), as well as perhaps helping us determine what other problems may exist.

    the website is

    That was helpful, @catbandit, thank you. I have 2 additional questions. Can you tell us if this is shared hosting, a VPS, or a dedicated server? Also, can you tell us if there any security plugins/firewalls running on this site?

    BTW, you are in the right forum.


    Do you have access to the web hosting provider? GoDaddy? cPanel? Etc?

    It looks like you need to edit file/folder permissions.


    Okay here’s the background- a 3 party company did the website for us a few years back and set everything up. We have the website hosted through go daddy. I believe that the website doesn’t have a firewall, nothing


    Do you have access to the GoDaddy login? If you do – you can contact their customer support and mention there seems to be a folder permissions issue with WordPress.

    They will be able to solve this for you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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