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  • I’m using the Piecemaker 2 plugin.

    There isn’t any documentation or tutorials on getting the Info “Control” button working. When I click it, I don’t get any text. Maybe I just didn’t put any text in the right place, or maybe it’s just styled as “invisible”. Can someone give me some basic instructions on setting it up?

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  • af3


    hi — did you figure out the resolution to this? I’m getting blank space too.



    I have not yet figured this out. It’s pretty dumb that the documentation for Piecemaker is so… unfinished…



    Suddenly it is working for me now.. not really sure what fixed it. try this: remove quotes (” or ‘) in the info text.

    Also make sure that the info text is put inside <p></p> tags.

    Not working for me aswel 🙁
    look here

    the last image(earth) has an info.

    This are my settings atm(btw im missing font color to change)

    Info Width: 500
    Info Background: 0x00000
    Info Background Alpha: 0.8
    Info Margin: 2
    Info Sharpness: 0.7
    Info Thickness: 2

    Gr, Taro

    Hi Taro, did you try put your info text inside <p>…</p> ? I found out that if I remove this, the info text will not show show up.

    That worked indeed.
    Cant change the font color tho 🙁

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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