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  • Hi everyone, hopefully this is the right place to post this question:

    I built my site up for a class a few months ago, and really haven’t been able to touch it since.

    I tried to log in the other day, and for the past days since with no luck. I have racked my brain and tried everything that I would possibly use as a username or password that I can think of. and when I put my email in after clicking “lost password” it says it’s not a registered email. Don’t you HAVE to register once you start using it? and it is definitely the only email address i would have used. is there any thing i am missing, something else to try??? would my hosting service be able to help or something??

    PLEASE!! I’m desperate! I really don’t want to have to rebuild it all 🙁

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  • do you have access to cpanel or similar? from there you may be able to access the database by php myadmin or similar. Then go to the users table of the database for WordPress, and you should be able to find the email you used in there.

    you mean in through my webhost? i use bluehost, where on there would I find “php myadmin”?

    thanks in advance

    Yes in phpmyadmin you will find all tables on database look at bottom on database wp_users you will see all users there and you can check what email address you used.
    normally admin id no.1

    phpmyadmin , if you don’t know where that is look for something to do with mysql, or database admin.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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