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  • Hi everyone!

    I can’t get images to show up on my blog when I click the category/tag. Naturally, I’ve Googled this issue and I did find several topics about this, some of which are resolved, but no solution for me.
    Some of those have suggested that it may have to do with the theme maker’s choice, but I swear I have seen people with the same theme do this. Plus I’d rather stick to this one, because everything else is perfect except this little thing. (the theme is Comet fyi.)

    So far I found people suggesting to change the_excerpt in the archive.php or category.php, the problem is – Comet doesn’t use either of them! I have searched everywhere too and couldn’t find anything similar.
    So hopefully someone here has a genius suggestion because this is definitely my last resort, haha. (Also Comet hasn’t been updated in 2 years so their website is no use either.)

    So basically, what I want is: When I click a category, for it to show pictures too and not just text.

    Any suggestions? Plugins or codes or whatever. I do only have VERY VERY minor experience with coding (actually, almost none, I can do html that it) so uh… haha.

    Thanks in advance

    ETA: sorry if my English isn’t very good, I’m not a native speaker and also it’s getting late!

    ETA2: Just saw the ‘leave a link to your site’ bit.
    I post among other stuff, pictures of things I baked, so it would be nice if I could have a bit of an overview of everything by linking to the category, but now it’s just text:

    I want that to show pictures not just text.

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