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  • I am in the process of changing my site from Joomla to WP and have run into a snag with posts. I imported the bulk of the content using FG Joomla to WordPress (free) and then changed all the appropriate pages to posts. I am using a static home page and have created the “Latest Articles” page for posts to display. I didn’t import the images but added them to my WP library. So, the images in the posts weren’t displaying as the link to them is
    So, I deleted the image from the post and inserted the image from the media library and it displays just fine in the post page but it does not display on the post summary page when I have it display just the summary but it does display the image if I am showing the entire post.

    So, I can’t seem to do anything to change the Post summary page. I even tried using the featured image but then it displayed the featured image and still displayed the graphic for a missing image…. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    PS: I am using Ribosome theme if that matters.

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  • Hi, @revdarkwing. If the “Post summary page” is displaying only the excerpts for each post, then any images which you’ve inserted directly inside the post content aren’t likely to display in those (because WordPress strips all HTML from its auto-generated excerpts).

    But it looks like your theme does make use of Post Thumbnails (aka Featured Images), so the most straightforward solution here would probably be to actually set a Featured Image for each post (which can be done from its Edit screen).

    Of course, if you have a large number of posts with images, that could be kind of tedious to do manually; and in that case, you might want to look into a plugin like Easy Add Thumbnail.

    I am afraid I didn’t describe the problem accurately enough as you didn’t address the actual issue. Let me try to be more precise and please forgive me… I am not adept at this aspect of website design.
    The issue is not that the excerpts don’t display the images.. it’s that the excerpts display an empty box where the image would be if it was being displayed with the tiny <img> icon in the upper left corner and the alt text in the box. And this is displayed even if I edit the post and remove the image entirely or replace it with an image from the media library or add a featured image. If I delete the image and add a different image to the post, then it displays properly on the article page but the excerpt page still shows the missing old graphic. If I add a featured image, then the excerpt page displays the featured image AND the empty image box and further, the featured image does not display on the actual post page.
    When I examine the code in the post editor or on the actual post page, there is no evidence of the code representing this phantom image but if I inspect the code for the excerpt page, it reveals that code for the phantom image as
    I thought about uploading an images/articles_images folder into the latest-articles folder but that does not exist and if i do, then it messes up the rendering of the actual excerpt page. So I’m stuck… I can’t edit the code out because it’s not there in the post.
    I’ve tried deleting the “latest articles” page and starting the whole process over but that doesn’t work either. Hope you can help and thanks for the interest.
    I can also add that if I create a new post, this issue doesn’t exist. It’s only on the ones I imported using that plugin then changed from being a page to a post. I can also add that the phantom image on my old website is located in /images/article_images/myimage.png so the phantom code is from the old site…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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